Christine learned to ask for an attorney if she gets arrested from General Hospital and Steve is raising his family and learning about life from The Simpsons. For me, Sex and the City. I remember sitting with Connie and watching that show and asking a million questions about women. Learning so much about how the minds of the sweet sweet lady works.

What's something you have learned from a TV show?

  • How to tie my shoes from Captin Kangaroo!
  • How to he a sassy old lady and that it is my life's ambition, thanks to the Golden Girls
  • The Frugal Gourmet....Hot Pan, Cold Oil, Food Won't Stick.
  • Mental health is an important subject to try and address with everyone and not to be ignored. A million little things has been instrumental in this subject since its pilot episode.
  • Love and acceptance of all people no matter how they present themselves. Queer Eye's fab 5!
  • I love the show Roseanne. Grew up watching it and pretty much living it. My family was almost a complete rerun of this show. And it may be fun and games but in the end it's about family.
  • HBO's NEWSROOM Opening scene "Why America's Not the Greatest Country"
  • To always use a burn phone and turn off location.
  • Husband: I know you watch those "dead shows" so you know how to off me. Me: I watch those "dead shows" so I know how NOT to off you.
  • How to not get caught with the. Murder weapon. How to get rid of the body. And multiple ways to put someone to sleep.
  • It's illegal to make lane changes in an intersection. Dumb and Dummer, the movie.
  • CPR from The Office!
  • Dukes of Hazard taught me how to evade the Po Po
  • It's only a 3 hour tour...
  • Never let homophobic jerks get away with being jerks. That's one life lesson.
  • TQOTD# After watching House all the time, I'm the best damn diagnostician out there 😂 It's Wilson's disease!
  • I learned about shrodingers cat from the big bang theory
  • Hmmm..what did I learn from Dexter....?
  • Oh my gosh - how sh**ty women are (Four Weddings on TLC) to win a prize. Bunch of back stabbers who went to each others weddings, then had to score them (dress, food etc...) Nice to there faces ---- ummmm didn't you understand the cameras were going to tattle on you bit**es?
  • From the show Mythbusters - If your cooler full of adult bevs (or food or boring stuff) is melting and no more ice avail to refresh, throw in some salt as it helps it to refreeze. I didn't know my canoe partner had done this and was curious why my beer tasted salty! Tried it again later (sober) and it works
  • I have learned how to get rid of a body very efficiently via Dexter

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