Fish had a little bit of fun with Steve for today's Text Question of the Day saying that Steve's answer was his wife. Hahahaha, oh man, you sure are funny, guy!

What’s something you never seem to finish?

  • I never seem to finish laundry!
  • So, my dad passed away 7 years ago. He and I discussed the book Count of Monte Cristo. I told him before he passed that I bought the book and will read it. He said, "you'll never finish it." Well, I am on my 3rd start of the book, going to prove him wrong....So far, he's been right.....
  • My house. 11 years (technically I’ve only lived in it for 7-8). It’s so closed but so slow going. One day, it will be finished.
  • Reading a book...but that’s because I never start one. 😂. I love watching TV.
  • Cleaning lol. I get in the mood and start and then I get pulled away buy my grandson or a video game
  • Losing weight, but not this year! I'm going to finish it and keep going. Time to take care of me!
  • Well I can tell you it's not a meal
  • My kids baby books! 😬 And printing pictures to put in photo albums... yes, I still do that 😂
  • Not me but my husband always starts on a new roll of toilet paper and leaves the other one hanging there like hey buddy finish me. Drives me nuts.
  • My 20's mentality. I couldn't handle the physical part again. Not that flexible anymore 😂😂
  • I'm still knitting the "simple" blanket the only takes a "weekend" to finish...going on 10 years later.
  • A workout plan
  • Picking up the house ... always a pile of kids crap somewhere
  • Projects around the house.
  • I can’t finish my train of ....
  • Nothing... I always finish everyth...
  • Anything that I want to do for myself...
  • Laundry... 5 dudes, 1 mom.. enough said.
  • Bottles of mead, or an order of fries with burnt pieces.
  • Laundry
  • Soda. It takes me so long to drink it and normally I don't finish it.
  • Overthinking/worrying
  • Laundry! 😜😜😂😂
  • A diet 😂
  • Laundry
  • Talking
  • Genealogy research...
  • Finishing.
  • Laundry, dishes, vacuuming...can we say ADD? Squirrel!
  • Painting. I have come to the conclusion that I dont like to paint. I always get so excited about painting rooms in my house just to remember half way through how messy and annoying it is.
  • TQOTD-I never seem to finish my sentences!! I either get interrupted or I forget what I'm talking about I suffer from CRS. If you dont know what that is just let me know and I'll tell ya ❤❤
  • Ok ...? Of da day.... my sentences, Squirrel all it takes is something else to make me look away and not finish them. Then when I try to finish my sentence , I forget . Don't know if it's from all the chemicals I inhale every day or the alcohol all these years
  • TQOTD. Well, my mind went immediately into the gutter. For the kid-friendly version, I'd go with housework. I'll pick up something in the living room and, "Oh, shiny!" The mess continues
  • Relationships. I just kinda fade out when they fall all catalyst in love. Which they always do cause I'm bloody awesome
  • TQotD: I never seem to finish getting over my first lesbian girlfriend. She was very very hot and super nice

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