This was a fun TQOTD but I have to tell you number one is very very naughty, Or maybe it’s about a tootsie pop … hmmmmm. For me it’s stupid shows without looking at her phone. Steve wants his wife to cook once and awhile and Christine likes a dude that will give her a massage for hours and hours (sounds exhausting) …

What’s something your EX did that you wish your partner did too?

  • Even though my ex was the biggest jerk he sure could sing and dance me around the wish my hubby now would like to even dance 💃🕺
  • I married my ex... So he already does?
  • Help clean and organize the house up
  • Travel
  • Yes, my ex would rub my sore legs for HOURS! About the ONLY good thing he did aside from making two beautiful children. My current man will rub my legs for like 3 mins tops. I mean I'll take it and I love him for it, but everyone has their own "things" they are good at.
  • Honestly, I wish my bf would go camping. My ex and I camped a lot and I miss it! That’s the only good he did!
  • Sounds like a trap! (Help declutter the house)
  • Oh H no! Absolutely nothing!
  • Ex for a reason! Shine on Current love choice, Shine the F on!
  • The dishes!
  • Nothing, he’s an ex for a reason.
  • Not a damn thing
  • Nothing my ex was a piece of
  • Buy thoughtful gifts or any gifts at all.... birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc....
  • Don't answer this! It's a trap!
  • Kiss and make out with me
  • Foot rubs. But he absolutely hates feet
  • I don't have a partner now but if I did, I'd wish he would cook dinner every night like my late ex did.
  • Do not have a partner now, but my ex- husband always made me laugh! So important in a relationship.
  • Plan ahead for birthdays/anniversary/Christmas for presents for the kids me and family members he always waits till last min and finds things out of stock and grabs whatever so there's 0 meaning behind it
  • Leave
  • I wish we took showers together 😉
  • Don’t NOBODY suck it like an ex 😩

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