Christine shared her true feelings about her Cousin a few years ago and was telling me about it the other day. I said “good for you” … “I love the honesty”. She then informed me it actually was an accident and she sent her cousin the text by mistake. We started sharing similar stories and decided the Click of 6 (you guys) probably even had better ones. THUS … the Text Question of the Day:

What’s the biggest text mistake you have ever had?

  • That was supposed to be sent to my daughter that had a wart on her finger, I told her I would try and grab the freeze off stuff at lunch if I had time. I accidently sent it to my friend's (a co-worker) husband!!! Two hours later his response was
  • Not necessarily a mistake, but texting my wife while I’m in bed next to her. I guess she prefers conversation…
  • Sent my mom porn
  • My mom & dad had got a new duck so I texted my mom “how is your duck doing?” But the ever so lovely autocorrect changed duck to d*ck... at least my mom thought it was funny
  • I sent a questionable text to my shipt shopper one time. I was complaining about my teenager to my cousin. I think it was something like “damn kid, I wish I could just toss him out back and let nature take its course.” When I realized it went to the shipt shopper I was mortified but explained I was jokingly referring to my teenage son and she was super understanding lol
  • It was homecoming week and our house had gotten tp’d. I text my daughter (13ish at the time) to come give me a hand to pick it up...except what she received was “come give me a hand job”
  • Texting a client about how cute their pet was with their stuffed duck... And with how much I swear you can fill in what my autocorrect changed duck to. For once
  • My boss cracked down on the casual Friday dress code and said we could no longer wear our hooded sweatshirts with the company logo on them. The very next Friday I walked in to see my boss "Sally" in her hooded sweatshirt. I sent a text to my coworker that said, "Guess what that mf’ing bitch Sally is wearing today?! She had the nerve to wear her fucking HOODED SWEATSHIRT! What a bleeping bitch!" I sent the text to my boss 'Sally' and not my coworker by accident. I actually went to my boss's office to grovel, but she had yet to see the text. She read it and burst out laughing then said, "Yeah, that was hypocritical of me to say you can't wear something then turn around and wear it myself." She was somehow not mad. Best boss I've ever had.
  • I thought I was texting a male friend of mine; we had been discussing beds, hotels in Milwaukee, very clean conversation, but I sent one of my replies to my husband's sister instead of my friend. It was reported to and shared with my husband instead of checking/asking me. I showed him my conversation and all was well. Will never forget when that bus rolled over me though.
  • I told a guy that I have a boyfriend. Then I told him the truth and he told me that he loves me and wants to marry me. We were only talking for one week, SO NO WAY BYE!
  • I was 16 and new to the texting world my boyfriend at the time asked me to send him a picture of me with a little cleave, so I did. Just shortly after that, my dad had texted me something. My dad had JUST fallen asleep during a movie and my boyfriend had texted me a picture of him with his shirt off, and asked for a picture similar. I sent him a PG-13 picture instead... or so I thought. I had ACCIDENTALLY SENT THAT PICTURE TO MY DADS PHONE. I only realized this because I was wondering why he was taking so long to reply and saw that it said “picture sent” In my dad's message. I quickly (and quietly) grabbed his phone and deleted the picture before he woke up. I was so mortified, I never wanted to send another picture again. ‍♀️
  • Sending an indecent picture to the wrong person. Instead of my fiancé at the time, I accidentally sent it to a family member.
  • The biggest text mistakes that I have ever made, is when I was explaining to my now ex-husband exactly what I said in my two week notice to my district manager about my general manager and exactly how much he "didn't know how to do his job" and how he was basically the only reason that I was putting in my two week notice and instead of sending it to my now ex-husband, I sent it to my general manager whom it was about.
  • I sent a text to my boss instead of my husband saying I wasn't pregnant
  • So, I was extremely angry at my neighbor and needed to vent. I texted two friends about my neighbor only to find out it was one friend and actually my neighbor that I mistakenly texted. So embarrassing.
  • I once accidentally sent my boss a text that was meant for my friend and I said, " I don't think I want to work there anymore, my boss kinda is the worst." And then the same day I accidentally sent my boyfriend's mom a text that was definitely meant for my boyfriend. If you know what I mean. Needless to say I checked my text like three different times before I send them now.
  • The guy I was dating had a dinner meeting that would be full of courses, dessert, wine, etc. he was complaining that he needed to lose some weight and didn’t want to go. I told him, “just eat whatever and die later”. I meant diet he wasn’t impressed to say the least.
  • I once texted my boss ( who is no longer my boss) that: "Brenda is so effing stupid. I gave her my schedule and yet she can't follow it. I don't understand."
  • Sent a nude to my sister instead of my boyfriend at the time. Thankful it was her and no one else. And even more grateful it was a tasteful one.
  • I accidentally sent a text in a group text, instead of an individual text, about someone's drinking issue. That person was in the group text.
  • My dad got a new car and I saw him driving up his driveway as I was driving by. I did a voice text that was SUPPOSED to say “ Nice car” but it changed it to “Nice c*ck” He replied, “Thanks! I got a new car too” We laughed so hard we had tears running down our faces.
  • I sent "I want your meat rocket in my hot pocket" to a coworker who was 10+ years younger than me (was meant to be a bad pick up line to my hubby). He said ok and then I realized my mistake. Once he knew I wasn't coming on to him he laughed.
  • Way back in the day I thought lol meant “lots of love”, so I texted a friend condolences about their parent passing. At the end I put lol xoxox. My friend never responded, I was telling my girls about this and that is when they told me it meant laugh out loud. I was mortified

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