Steve had the best cheap spring break ever and I got Target to sell Connie furniture cheaper by talking them down. HOWEVER …. Christine actually eats groceries and returns them if she doesn’t like the way they taste … her example? Cookies!!! Really … Really???? You can do that … huh.

What’s the cheapest thing you’ve ever done?

  • I would eat Ramen for weeks on end during most of 2018. It was a hard year for me personally and financially. So I had a LOT of ramen. But even though it is unhealthy for you, I am aware, there's a lot you can add to it to "spice" it up. I mean technically if you just eat the noodles and take away the seasoning packets and add your own stuff it's much better for you. At the time I was really trying to cut down on food expenses as much as possible.
  • I use the bag from the toilet paper as a garbage can liner in the bathroom
  • Reused paper plates. (Not ones that are visibly dirty obviously, but like if I have toast or something and don’t spill jelly on it I’ll use it again for more toast)
  • Free honeymoon by listening to a timeshare spiel! 2 nights Fort Lauderdale, 3 nights Bahamas cruise and 2 nights in Orlando.
  • Ooohhhh ... I do a lot of cheap things. I’m the queen of cheap.
  • As in money cheap or morales cheap?
  • Cut jean pants into shorts during the summer time
  • Walked to my mailbox to get the bills
  • White caps game for $1
  • Got into all 4 Disney Parks for Free.
  • Peeked under laundromat washers for quarters to do my laundry.
  • Probably re-gifted lol
  • Got dollar tree candy to take into the movies
  • I used to take things people left behind when I worked at the hotel. I still do it now at the apartment complex I work at.
  • My ex husband.
  • The Husband has asked for the “Senior Discount” on my behalf! What a Weiner!
  • Sat in line for gas for $1.99/gallon back in the day when we thought that was expensive
  • Back in the day...used blankets to cover the windows because I was too cheap, lazy, broke to buy curtains and rods.
  • Went to free movies
  • Lake Michigan with our boys
  • Bring my own white cheddar popcorn power to the movies for my popcorn
  • Rode the pony at Meijer for 1c
  • Redeemed pop cans to buy a Powerball ticket.
  • Saved up ketchup, jelly, Arby’s sauce, honey, napkins, plates, salt, pepper, syrup, take home containers and silverware from fast food places to use while camping.
  • let a paper towel dry and reuse it
  • Returned 3 pop cans to buy a packet of ramen. #brokekidlife
  • I put the ketchup packets from restaurants in my big Heinz bottle.
  • Wash and reuse Ziploc freezer bags until they were worn out. And of course butter dishes for storage bowls.
  • Used some of my old casserole dishes as a wedding gift.
  • Ate buffet breakfast at a timeshare meeting at Disney , with kids . Then skipped out before “the seminar”
  • We use our own credit cards for work, so I built up enough points to take my husband and I to maui for 10 days, flight, rental car and accommodations fully paid by credit card points. Can’t get cheaper than that!
  • Getting married on the lowest budget... My Bridal gown, and Bridesmaid dresses were made by my MIL. I bought all the food at GFS, and was going to try serving during the reception. Honeymoon, with a paper map, and had to put a quart of oil in the car every 100miles. Still married 33yrs.
  • *christine’s answer* - Returned food back to the grocery store that I didn’t like.

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