You ever go dumpster diving and find something amazing? Or maybe you took a metal detector to the beach? Let us know that bad ass thing you found!

What’s the coolest thing you have ever found? In the garbage, at home or anywhere?

  • Connie and Fish, for the text question of the day, the coolest thing that I have ever found, was a car key. This may not seem like a cool thing, but wait! I was at Cedar point with my then boyfriend and while going down a very large hill on a roller coaster I watched helplessly as my whole key fob came slowly out of my pocket dangled in front of my face and then fell to the ground. I could do nothing to grab them as my arms were strapped down in the roller coaster chair. Those were the only keys that I had to the car to get home from Cedar point back to Michigan. So at the end of our day my then boyfriend and I were panicking on how on earth we were going to get back home because the keys to my car we’re gone. Don’t get me wrong, we did try to search for the key fob, but it was hopeless. We then had a park worker use one of those Jimmy sticks to at least unlock the car door, and as we sat there in the car I started to lift up the seat cushions in the back and look around, for some odd reason, I don’t even know why I did that, but to my complete surprise, there was a spare key to the car! It was a little bent, but after some muscle work from, no not my boyfriend, from the park worker it fit into the ignition and we were able to drive home. It was such a miracle!
  • My SO found a microscope. Everything works perfectly. Even came with some slides of different things. My kids think its the coolest thing in the world. He also found a Wii and like 15 games ( only a couple were worth keeping. Sold what we could to gamestop, and the rest went to goodwill)
  • I wouldnt call this Neat but when i was a young, in the mid 70s, i lived in Logan square Chicago. We use to play in the alleys. One day we were hiding in a garage and we found a huge pile of medical waste.. That is the day I developed my Needle Phobia..
  • Found a tiny Polaroid of a pyramid mausoleum at the cemetery. Also found someone’s parole card the same day.
  • A brand new pair of Birkenstock’s on the bike path. I walked past them and thought hmmm, if they are still there after I walk a few miles I will pick them up and take them home. Well, they were there and they fit my daughter perfectly. ( after I deep cleaned them first, who knows how or why they were there )
  • My husband and I found tickets to a Kalamazoo Central high school football game from 1934 under the flooring we ripped up in our pantry. We donated them to the museum.
  • In the garbage, some gardening tools (including a fertilizer spreader). Next to the garbage, my cat Romeo, may he RIP.
  • As a 6 year old, I saw a cool looking bag in the dumpster behind our apartment and waited until someone taller came along to grab it for me. When I finally was able to get the bag, I found a pair of high heels in there... I felt like I hit the jackpot!
  • I was out jogging in Holland on a COLD, winter day. I came across a $100 Bill in the snow. I walked to the nearest house, rang the doorbell, and gave it to the guy.
  • A beautiful art deco drop pearl necklace in a box of nails on my Grandpa's work bench. He never got around to fixing the chain. So I had it repaired it and wore it on my wedding day.
  • Love isn't she pretty
  • Jon Bon Jovi's hair.
  • 250 rounds of .223 ammo in an ammo can in the middle of an intersection
  • Chippendale chair
  • Practically brand new pair of Nike shoes
  • JBL Bluetooth speaker. Sells for $199.99. Sounds great and holds a charge. No problems what so ever. It was clean just laying beside my trash.
  • ? Of da day..... a dime bag of pot! In a parking lot on the ground. Also 100.00 bill in a bar, but the guy just left , so I gave it back to him. Dam that was dum, lol
  • Tqotd: (I answered on IG too, but I wanted to share pictures) best thing I found on the side of the road was a solid mahogany dresser from the 1930's. Just needed some repair and refinishing and now it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture!
  • I found a $100 bill on the ground in a parking ramp downtown on my wedding night. (Unfortunately that was the luckiest I got that night)
  • #tqotd 2 months ago when I was cleaning off the roof of my business building I found a crayfish.
  • I found a 1943 silver penny in the ground at the home I grew up in
  • The coolest thing I ever found was one year later, canoeing down the Grand River, a lady we were with said she lost her waterproof camera in about this area last year I looked down saw the camera jumped out of the canoe and gave it back to the owner one year later!
  • I once found a partial teeth replacement on the beach in Panama City Florida!!!
  • TQOTD-The coolest thing I've found is a $100 bill. It was crumbled up in a parking lot. My thought was drug dealers money being all crumbled, so since its not important enough to keep track of, I'll keep track of it for them lmao. Thank you!!!!
  • TQOTD: one of the things I've found is a neat rock that looks like it's a fossil while doing yardwork. My younger brother has found cool stuff in church/school trash before like a large cloth fan w/ dragon print and a large flatscreen tv monitor that's now our living room tv
  • A few years ago - walking down Monroe St. In G.R. I found a long, thin, silver cylinder that had a screw top. It was attached to a broken necklace chain. I picked it up and thought “oh no, someone dropped their container of Nitro Glycerine pills”.
  • As I was walking with it, I unscrewed the cap and found it was filled to the top with white powder. I ended up throwing it in a trash bin, but whenever I tell people about it they say - why didn’t you keep it! ‍♀️
  • Fatshaker massager belt machine …. I drug it home from someones garbage as a teen.
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