It’s funny. How many friends have you really had your whole life? I lost my friend Jan Liu when I accidentally (at 16) clipped his dogs leg with my car. He was off leash and ran into it. Christine's story was kind of confusing to be honest and Steve had a female friends friend steal stuff from his apartment. What about you?

What is the craziest reason you have ever lost a friend or dumped a friend?

  • Unfriended over opinions on masks
  • Because I wouldn't “swing” with them and/or their group
  • They unfriended me over politics.
  • My daughter had cancer and my "bff" told me she had a lot going on and couldn't be there for me so she was ending the friendship.
  • Friend of 10 years told me "we're in 2 different stages of our lives" because i had just had a baby and she didn't. We haven't spoken in 15 years, we were friends for almost 10 years.
  • My ex best friend of several years blamed me for her getting kicked out of her aunt's house. She wanted to be a tramp and stay at a party and she got booted from her aunts. Never talked after that.
  • My hubby unfriended his friend because he was a narcissist.
  • I once dumped a friend because she dumped me for a date with her boyfriend whom she was on the verge of a breakup with him, but then jumped at his invitation to a party. Therefore, dumping our plans to go to his party. So i dumped her
  • My Then best friend couldn't understand when we said no after she invited herself on our trip back east. Our child had just been diagnosed with Aspberger's, anxiety and depression. Somehow having someone else traveling with us and not having transportation of their own once we got there didn't seem like the best idea. Did I mention she invited herself??
  • Best friend ghosted me last July. Haven't heard from her since, but I would assume it was because her grandfather and her much-older boyfriend were super conservative and religious and liked to keep her under their thumbs... and they were afraid they would lose control over her if she kept hanging out with me (liberal, atheist, feminist, Masters degree, etc). Also pretty sure they made her drop out of college.
  • The 1st car I paid half my dad paid half. Had a friend who started dabbling in on the dark side and my dad noticed. He said if u hang out with him he will take my keys and my car... Long story short... I chose the car.
  • They whine about their spouse 5+days a week on FB so I took them off my page. This is, unbeknownst to me at the time, a declaration of hatred and becoming official nemeses.
  • Found out she was cheating on my brother-in-law...I dumped her as a friend..then he dumped her as a wife
  • I was her supposed best friend for 8 years, but wasn’t even invited to her wedding.
  • I suspected a friend of many years had been lying but didn't have 100% proof. I got the proof when she lied about butter and didn't deny that she had been lying for years. Have not talked to her since 2017. If ya lie about butter, you'll lie about anything…
  • I survived a head-on collision with a semi truck, lost my leg and almost lost my life. My friend told me I can’t use my accident as an excuse to tell her family to quit horsing around in my house next to priceless antique family heirlooms. Crazy part is she saw me in the hospital after I got there via aeromed. I just can’t do it anymore
  • I dumped a friend over the pandemic. On one hand, she said she didn't care if the lock downs put the US into a depression or how many jobs were lost, if lives were saved. Very pro lock down. Until I saw her taking selfies and running with people she didn't live with. I don't do hypocrites.
  • A woman I had been good friends with ghosted me because my boyfriend at the time asked her a question about me over text message.
  • Lost several people when I got cancer.
  • I used to have a friend who called me once a week at work to tell me about her marital woes. I work in a call center. That didn't make my boss happy. When I asked her to call me after work, it wasn't a convenient time for her. We haven't spoken in years.
  • My parents had taken her in, I had moved away during the end of our senior year. My family had gone away to our family cabin and she stayed behind cause didnt want to go. Ended up having a party trashing my parents house and then up and left. It was beyond gross. There were many stunts before and after that. I basically slowly distanced myself, though it's difficult as she married my cousin
  • Dumped best friend years ago she was a bully, now tries sending befriending me on Facebook nooooo way
  • My ex-best friend accused me of spreading rumors to her husband's a co-worker was the last straw. Before that even happened, she confessed to me that everything she did in high school and got caught for she told everyone it was me! I always wondered why her mother didn't like me! She did some bad things in high school. I was also sick of her badmouthing everyone behind their back. I finally told her to f-off! After that, she said she was starting to believe me that it was her husband lying instead of me but I didn't care I was done with her crap.
  • A “friend” Defriended me because I didn’t like the same presidential candidate she liked. That was a few years ago, and we haven’t spoken cents.
  • I had a friend that did hair, so I asked her to do mine. I was going through a lot at the time, but I knew she was too so I gave her a little bit of extra money, plus my fiance had just paid her husband $250 for a buck rack (antlers). We had a snowstorm that night and I didnt want to drive home. So the next morning I leave and go to the gas station to get gas and her or her husband had stolen $120 out of my purse!!! Worst part about it is she knew that what I had in my wallet was all I had to my name. Just awful.
  • Realized the friend was crazy! . I couldn’t take it.
  • I had a friend of 14 years tell me last year because I work in Healthcare we can't be friends anymore. She didn't want me to " infect" her family with covid even though I wasn't with positive covid patients at that time.
  • She had an affair with my husband (now ex husband of mine AND hers).
  • My high school best friend texted me because his partner and himself were having a nasty fight and he needed to get out ASAP. So I got in my car to drive 7hrs from WI to IN to pick him up and bring him back. I arrived at 1am to him deciding he wasn’t coming back with me-even slammed and locked the door in my face….
  • My male roommate didn't like my boyfriend so he poked holes in all our condoms. Then I found out he was a pathological liar and had done other gross stuff behind my back. Moved out that day, told him to F off and haven't spoken to him in 10+ years.
  • My former best friend of 8 years cut all ties and communications with me because I set my wedding date the same as her son's 1st birthday. She said I was selfish to ask her to be a part of my special day on her son's birthday... SIDE NOTE: I was engaged and the date was set before she gave birth.
  • She dropped a roofie in my drink. I am a type 1 diabetic and had a horrible reaction. She took off and we haven't spoken since. This was 14 years ago and we had been friends since 5th grade and this happened in our late 20s.
  • She was hanging all over my husband and she was telling everyone my daughter was hers and that my husband was her baby daddy.

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