When you are stuck in close quarters with your family or roommates, dumb things are bound to be said.  So, how about you share them?

What’s the dumbest conversation you have had in the last three weeks?

  • I am still working right now and I was trying to help a gentleman correctly wear his mask. He was only wearing it over his mouth and not his nose. Not only did he disagree with my assessment of his mask wearing, he then tried to argue for five minutes that the nose and mouth are not connected in the body so it didn’t matter.
  • I gave up really quickly because sometimes you just can’t argue with certain kinds of stupid
  • Dumbest conversation was hearing that my company was essential and we opened back up during the pandemic. I work at Steelcase making office furniture. They said we were coming back to work to make essential hospital furniture. We have made 7 in the past three weeks and everything else has been regular orders for other companies. They know they’re in the wrong and offered us more money to come back and have been buying a lunch. That’s a dead give away when this cheapass company is buying us lunch. Anyways, that’s the dumbest conversation I’ve had is hearing my office furniture company is essential..
  • I am 72 and my husband does not use a computer. He was trying to explain how the internet worked. I was just sitting there trying to keep from banging my head against the wall. We are stuck at home together during this corona thing and I need to escape.
  • Trying to explain how to use Face Book to my 84 yr old MIL (remotely as she lives on the east side of the state) .......It was comical and yet so painful! Thank God she is a good sport!
  • Listening to my MIL talk about her day with a visit from my sister and brother in law. “I made pea soup, and then first we had brownies at the counter while Doug had the soup at the table, then we walked outside, then friend “a” called me and then I called friend b, then took a car ride, then.... oh and i have my parents wedding announcement i saved for you”. And this went on for 15 more minutes. Conversations with the elderly and children are very similar. Kids just talk about video games and make believe stuff.
  • I can’t buy landscaping stones in the the store but you can order them on line and pick them up! Makes no sense to me.
  • What is the proper way to pronounce "Massachusetts" Lead to a heated argument between my husband and I.
  • Well last week I was discussing Will Smith movies with some coworkers and I accidentally said "Space Jam" was one of them....lol....whoops!
  • Why I need to clean the cat box......oh and then I answered to myself! Well cat was there does that sound better
  • My Netflix asked me “are you still watching?” Well DUH! ‍♀️
  • Why don’t ducks feet get cold when standing on ice.
  • Where things are located in our store (Meijer) and if we were hoarding masks, gloves, TOILET PAPER in the pharmacy ‍♀️
  • Having a lengthy conversation about Clorox wipes and where to find them
  • Constantly asking my dog what do you think what do you think over and over waiting for a response
  • Whether or not Black Box wine is classy wine, because it’s the classiest of all boxed wines.
  • pretty much ever conversation with my 14 y.o. I always ask "What on earth are you talking about?!"
  • I had an extensive conversation with my husband in our hot tub about how different nationalities get their names.. IE we are American from America. And Mexican from Mexico... so why then are Canadians (Canada) not Canadans or Brazilians not Brazilans.
  • Why peeing on your brother is not ok
  • If fish get thirsty...
  • The dumbest conversation I’ve had the last few weeks: After watching Tiger King and hating the entire cast for holding tigers in captivity... Me: “Babe you want to know what would be really cool?” Boyfriend: “...” Me: “If we could fill our pond up with salt water and keep a dolphin in our backyard pond”. *gets in an argument with boyfriend because he called me out for being so mad about the tigers*
  • Dumbest convo of the last 3 weeks just happened today.
  • My son saw a spider in the bathroom. I told him to get the hand vac (because I'm a class A #1 scardycat when it comes to spiders.) He couldn't get it and it crawled away. We just spent 25 minutes talking about the best strategy to use a bigger vac to use the long handle to reach under the vanity and catch it.
  • After I found it, my 5 year old then told me to keep the big vac (the upright Dyson) running so that the spider was too dizzy to crawl out. "He will just doe if we make him dizzy and if the stuff inside the vac knocks him out so that way he will get dizzier". Maybe it's not that dumb. I essentially just taught my son strategy
  • TQOTD: talking to my dog about how eating goose poop is unacceptable.
  • TQOTD:who has the smelliest gas: dog or husband
  • Dumbest conversation? Would you rather have spaghetti as fingers or pancakes as hands for the rest of your life?
  • I have one side conversations with cats...until they smack and make it clear that I need to leave them alone
  • My 13 yr old asking if he can "manscape" his pubic hair
  • My daughter started laughing i asked her what she was laughing about. She had a pifiney and asked why we have 2 boobs and we should just have 1 in the middle of the chest and shes 15? I told her thats wierd
  • We had a long conversation about what the dog thinks of this. To include running commentary on his long sighs (like shut up people it’s nap time) the side eye (when are they gonna leave?) it goes on and on I need a hobby clearly!
  • I was in my bedroom and all of a sudden I heard this noise. My parents were near by so I asked them to come in to see if they knew what it was. My dad touches my dresser and DVR on it. My mom says it is coming from down the basement. I said no, it is from my bedroom. My dad then says it is in my dresser. He goes to open my top drawer and I said..." Wait, I know what it is". My dad replies..."You're vibrator?"....I didn't deny or confirm. My parents laughed and walked out. LOL.

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