Steve and I always agree on our and their unique ability to mess up loading the dishwasher. However, dumb fights happen in more than just relationships, they happen even with friendships and family. Christine and her sister had a knock drag out about groceries in the middle of a grocery store. My brother hates the way he chews with his mouth closed (WEIRDO)

What's the dumbest thing you have gotten mad at someone for?

  • I had a dream once that my husband left me for a seasoning spice rack, yes a literal wooden rack with various spices on it. I was really upset the morning of that dream and made it known of his misdeeds. He simply laughed and teased me, and to be honest I’m still kind of salty about it. Every time I hear the word “spice rack” in the house I just shoot him a dirty look, he chuckles, but I know the choices he made.
  • Lots of things that truly never happened. Like you have these arguments in your head with someone and how they might react to something and then you're mad at them when you see them but you never even argued. Lol 😅
  • Doing yard work
  • Not putting the bread tie back on the package. Huge fight ensued.
  • When my husband beats me at a board game/card game, he has an annoying makes me so mad that I want to punch him.
  • My wife got mad at me because apparently I was "talking" to another woman.... In her dreams
  • Looking at me. I used to think everyone that stared had a problem, and I would react accordingly, for no reason sometimes. Fights happen, and it was all for nothing. Little man complex. Lol! Now I'm a little fat guy and stay to myself! Much happier.
  • Breathing
  • Had a dream and I was mad and woke up pissed off and it never took me a little bit to get over it
  • Got mad at a coworker, totally overreacted, and when I learned why she did what she did when she did it, I totally would have done the same thing.
  • What they did in my dream I do own up to it immediately and acknowledge how stupid it is and say just give me a few.
  • I was mad at my husband for two days because of something he did in a dream I had.
  • My husband was mad at me because he forgot to turn off the headlights of his truck that I never even drove.
  • It wasn't my dream, but my husband had a dream I cheated on him and the next morning was super irritated at me but I can't control "dream me" lmao
  • Stopping full and complete stop at a stop sign.
  • My husband woke me up with a loud stinky nasty fart and got butt hurt when I yelled lol
  • Ordering me the wrong wrap for lunch. Good thing I work close to the corner bar.
  • Throwing me a surprise 40th birthday party. I hate surprises but totally overreacted.
  • Hubby won't eat broccoli but he says that our kids have to.
  • Drinking water.
  • Sneezing
  • My cousin planned her graduation party on my birthday. I was so mad I didn’t go. We aren’t close anymore
  • Something my husband did in a dream. I don’t remember what it was, but I sure was mad at him the next day.
  • Chewing
  • Someone's existence
  • Looking at me
  • Ordering me the wrong thing for lunch at work.
  • Drinking water too loud. Petty, I know. But, seriously be quiet.
  • Not getting mad when I was mad about something. LOL
  • backstory, I am a single dad of a 14-year-old boy, and because of Covid we have been basically together 24 seven for the past year. The other day I lost it because he left the cap off the toothpaste. Can you blame me! COVID rage!
  • I got mad at my ex while I was trying to fall asleep because he was blinking too loudly. There's a reason he's the ex!

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