Christine is sneaky. I need you to understand that. She was out at a bar with her girlfriend for the girl's birthday. The girl loved the bar but Christine and the other peeps weren’t having fun. So what did she do? Convince poor poor sweet Hannah to go to another bar. I have to say I respect the skill and I think we all try and convince people to do some things we want.

What’s the last thing you convinced someone to do?

  • To mow the grass on this hot and humid night
  • Marry me 17 years ago.
  • Move to Tennessee
  • A shot of fireball! Delish!
  • I convinced my dentist today to donate blood (fellow universal donor). When he told me that he doesn't have a lot of spare time, I told him he can even find a donation location on Sunday. He started laughing and signed up to donate this weekend.
  • I convinced my 15 year old daughter to try a pair of jeans on over her short shorts without going into the fitting room.
  • Convinced my kids to go to bed.
  • Come over for pie and coffee
  • My husband says it was when I asked for his help in the kitchen. I think it's when I convinced him to get a puppy.
  • Clean the cat litter
  • Not to give up
  • To purchase some great cleaning cloths to reduce waste and save money
  • Co-worker to get the Covid vaccine shot
  • Many many years ago my husband wanted me and friend to show him how to shotgun a beer. Didn't turn out so great lol
  • Ride a roller coaster.
  • To get the COVID vaccine
  • Probably to take a shot
  • I convinced my husband to get another puppy
  • Get the car extended warranty
  • Form a decent line at Taco Boy
  • I told myself to get my hair permed this past weekend. I haven't done my hair in over 20 years aside from a basic cut. I was considering canceling my appointment but decided to jump in with both feet, well in this case my entire head.
  • Just convinced my kid to brush thier teeth. Small wins
  • Skinny dip
  • Listen to this station
  • To go away for a girls night in Traverse City!! My girl hasn’t been away in a long while
  • Finally convinced my boyfriend to get a dog after asking for 4 years!
  • I convinced somebody to buy copious amounts of yarn bc they couldn't decide to get some or not.
  • Buy a 12 foot skeleton!!!
  • I convinced my best friend to get matching tattoos with me while we were on vacation. She swore she would never get a matching tattoo with anyone 😈😁
  • My Bestie to hook up with this guy because she hasn't gotten ANY in a long time!
  • Not the last thing but I convinced an entire jury I was on to change their minds and find the two defendants guilty!

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