Get ready to be grossed out because a lot of people's most embarrassing thing they've done for money has to do with eating something.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done for money???

  • Not me but an old friend snorted ranch and ketchup through a straw up his nose for $5. We were at Denny's on a Friday or Saturday night so it was kinda busy, and he started coughing and dry heaving for about 20 minutes after. Embarrassed him. Made us all laugh
  • Allowed myself to be talked down to, because I needed my job.
  • My cousin ate some bacon flavored crickets and made $30
  • Raw gizzards for $20
  • 7th grade (2002ish) I drank a full bottle of cherry coffee syrup for $1. I hate cherry.
  • Guys, I dumpster dived the trash cans at the gas station for discarded lotto tickets. It took visiting two gas stations and I finally found a $10 scratch off someone threw away !!! Free gas !!!! #1.5
  • ? Of the day....When I was younger I had a dress like the Tyson chicken from head to toe it was a food show. All these little damn kids kept pulling on my tail I hated it .Was so embarrassing ,I couldn't breathe in the head.
  • Also my co worker won't shut up so I can listen to you. She's my Karen . UGGGGG
  • I can’t believe I’m admitting this... Anonymity please! When I was 4 or 5 my much older cousin said he would pay me if I licked all of his toes. I did it. ‍♀️
  • When I was in high school I needed money to go out so I took my old Victoria’s Secret lotion bottle that was almost empty and filled it with St Ives lotion and they never opened it and gave me cash back. Back in the 90s 10.00 got you a nice cheap night out. 5.00 for gas and 5.00 for food lol
  • The most weird thing I’ve done for money is my fraternity at central raise money for wounded warrior foundation and got auctioned off. Lot of them got dressed in dresses and makeup and we all had to go to the bar for the night
  • Grossest thing I ever did for money was clean my buddy's room at the age of 23. That may sound tame but we are talking about someone I lent a book and when I cleaned the room I found it and it was too moldy for me to keep. I'm talkin I disposed of multiple used condoms. And the location of which I found them was not sensical or centrally located…. I think I only made 40 bucks and it took many hours
  • Dressed as a blue shampoo bottle in 10 degree weather.
  • I ate a red chili pepper out of a dumpster behind a gas station for $20.
  • Drank a cup of hot sauce for $2
  • Walked round my older brother's house party at 14 in a mankini for $5
  • Jumped out of a moving car for $10 when I was 16. They pad me a dollar for every mph, I settled on 10.
  • Drank a shot of dirty fish tank water... threw it straight back up
  • Walked into the men's room at the bar and shook some guys hand. $10.
  • When I was 12 a classmate told me he would give me 20 bucks if I'd go to school as Tinky Winky. My mom had a friend who owned a costume store so within a few days I actually had a suit. He kept his promise
  • Fought a goose at a zoo for 10$ and a smoothie
  • I drank my sister's breast milk for 20 bucks. I was drunk and her Husband dared me to do it. I threw up immediately.
  • I once made 50 bucks for letting 5 guys fart in my face at a high school party. I didn't get many dates after that. I'm a female by the way.
  • I dressed up like a pig for a bbq restaurant I worked for. The pig was the mascot. The costume was way too small for me. This place served really cheap beer so people would get really hammered. Customers would call me fat ass and sometimes kick me when I wasn't looking. Very humiliating but it was decent money.
  • Right after high school, my over 50-year-old neighbor would pay me to give her a naked massage. She offered to help buy me a car if I slept with her. The car is now long-gone, but the horrible flashbacks still remain.
  • I ate a cat turd for 100 bucks. My friend filmed it and posted the video on social media. My girlfriend saw the video and broke up with me. It was a year ago. I’m 40
  • A guy at a party got to talking to me in the den while we were drinking; then he asked to rub my feet and paint my toenails, and then drunk me was surprised when he left me $100...on a side note I am now laid Adam if you're out there; I have 10 bottles of polish to choose from. Plus, we can finish that convo about our top 10 bands
  • One time when I was breastfeeding I was the designated driver for people going to the bar, I ran into some guys I used to ride the bus with we were talking about breastfeeding and there was $50 out on the table saying I couldn't squirt his hand from where I sat, easiest $50 I ever made!!!
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