Today's text question of the day is a Fish sponsored question that is designed to get some naughty answers.  And you didn't disappoint!

What’s the most fun you have ever had with an ex?

  • We took the kids to the water lantern festival together after the breakup. It was fun but he assumed that meant he still had a chance of getting back together so the aftermath wasn’t too fun.
  • The day my divorce was final from him was the most fun I’ve ever had with him!
  • Omg omg I got this ............Absolutely nothing, that’s why he’s my X. Son of a biscuit ! Oh well carry on
  • #tqotd The most fun I ever had with an ex was my Junior prom. Neither of us had a date at the time, so we found each other at prom. We added each other on Facebook after that in a couple years later, decided to try a relationship. It didn't work out, but I still think of him as a good friend
  • Having balloon animals on the beach with her and a guy come up afterwards asking us if we got pics of the full moon out tonight lol
  • Niagra falls trip
  • Last week when i told him Karma's a bitch and then laughed my ass off! Good times!
  • #TQOTD Most fun with an ex was camping every weekend and 1 time getting busted by the police doing the deed in my car 😂. Neither one of us got in trouble (probably cause the Officer saw it all, and I mean ALL). Officer told patted me on the shoulder and told me to find a better place next time lol
  • My most fun with my ex Dave who I hang out with us still to this day by the birthday is July 4and we decided on a whim to go out to Saugatuck we went to the Butler which has an outdoor deck on the water and it was you had to sit with another couple because there were no available tables while we sat with this wonderful couple and upon speaking Dave found out that it was his best friend from high school's dad and his girlfriend.. and I throughout the evening there was a little band playing and another bunch of guys who were wonderful gay men beautiful beautiful gorgeous gay men came over and hung out with us and got to know us one was a local business owner who look like Captain Kirk and his younger days on steroids he was beautiful we laughed and partied all night and the fireworks were great right over the water next to us it was an amazing night and it was completely last-minute!
  • Most fun with an ex would be going to the magic springs theme park she worked at everyday for free and seeing every band for free because she worked there. Got to see 3 doors down live from the 4th row. Best concert ever!
  • The most fun I've had with an ex was a road trip to Indianapolis. We were both on probation at the time so we weren't supposed to leave the state. Good times.😂😂
  • I've been with my husband since I was 17 (I'm now 26) so high school relationship don't allow for extravagant fun memories 😂 my ex was part of my best friends family, so early and mid teens years we did lots of camping trips and mini vacations together. At the time it seemed fun 😂 my ex and I are probably better friends now than we were then lol.
  • Right after my ex and I broke up, he had book a flying lesson for himself and he wanted me to go with him. It was pretty cool!
  • The most fun I've ever had with an ex was watching the mean bastard finally get his in our divorce...and by his I mean NOTHING!!! LOL
  • Kind of a different spin on it but the most fun I had with my ex-husband was when I went to the house to get the rest of my belongings I went in the freezer to grab my strawberry jam that I made and he had lock the freezer on me so what I did is I unplugged it because I knew it was filled with meat and about a month later my neighbor called me and told me he was in the driveway throwing away all the meat and he was gagging while washing out the freezer we laughed for about an hour that was the most fun I had with my ex.
  • My divorce. . Brad from Walker.
  • Planned a date for my ex to take him rock climbing! I paid for all of it We had a blast it was so much fun... then on the end on the way home, I found out he was cheating on me....
  • My ex and I went to Memphis to see George Strait and Taylor Swift was the opener
  • The most fun i had with an ex was go to the corner bar
  • Best time with an ex? Going to South Africa for about 10 days!
  • My late husband was so much fun. Last winter he took the kids out to the yard, hooked up the sled to the snowmobile, and pulled us all around the yard for hours
  • Best time I had with an ex, we had a weekend of staying at has family cottage then going to the river fishing and camping. It was a good time even though someone stole our cooler with all the food in it I thought it was funny he was pretty disappointed
  • My ex and I went to a Metallica concert.
  • The most fun I've ever had with an ex was driving around karaoke in the car while two tracking until he had to use the little boys room outside and almost getting an indecent exposure from a nice officer just checking up on us😂
  • #tqotd that also ties into Wednesdays hot mess family tree. My ex-husband and I are both remarried, and his wife is my close cousin. We now both have kids (none together) and have fun hanging out at the kids birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and school events-as our oldest kids go to the same school and are in sports together. We get along great as families, which I know sounds weird, but we are totally different people now and I'm glad we both found happiness :)
  • Sister with a brain here. I have had lots of Separate occasion's where I have gotten back together with an ex for an evening of "" catching up… each time it has ended up with me waking up in the morning hand to forehead wondering how he feels because though we may have had a lot of fun having a "slumber party"I still did not desire to be back with them... Let's just say our feelings did not match up. Finally had to decide that once an ex is an ex I cannot be friends :(
  • I always had so much fun with my ex while we were together. Always laughing and had a good time. It was the lying, drinking, 900 numbers, etc that made it no fun and time to MoveOn
  • The most fun I had with an ex was when we stayed at a hotel in traverse city and had sex on the beach late at night while everyone was sleeping 😉
    The most fun i had with my ex is making balloon animals while driving down us 131 from big rapids to gr.
  • Best fun? Taking my name off the lease with him after discovering he had been cheating on me for forever. 😂 made him pay for everything