What’s that saying? Step on a crack and you will somehow injure your own mother in the back area? That’s a lot of pressure to put on a young ginger boy who just wants to make friends at school without worrying about the mobility of his own mother.

I think that was the first superstition I ever heard. Maybe it was that or the penny thing. What side does it have to be on though? I picked up a tails up penny when I was a kid once and locked myself in my room for a week because I thought some piano or something would fall on my head.

What's the strangest superstition you or someone you know has ever believed in?

  • It’s not really strange, but it’s a Scottish tradition to wake up on the first day of the mo the and be the first to say “rabbit rabbit.” It’s supposed to bring good luck for the month ahead. Been doing it for years (passed on from grandpa, to mom, to me, and now to my kids).
  • Burying a Mary statue to sell your house faster.
  • I believe that the “higher power” speaks to me in license plates.
  • That a bride should place a penny into their right shoe before the ceremony to bring good luck and good fortune to the marriage
  • If u don’t say bless u when someone sneezes bad spirits will get in their bodies. Even if they don’t hear me say it, I always will say it for them in a grocery store or in passing. You never know and I don’t know what they are doing that day right
  • That a song that reminded you of a relationship when it ended, would negatively affect a current relationship.
  • Not really strange, rather beautiful, but at my job if a resident is passing away we open a window that’s near them so their spirit can be set free.
  • If you find a bird in your house someone in your family is going to die ...happened twice to us
  • Don't kill a spider in your house, it will bring bad luck. I never kill spiders. I catch and release outside. If it's cold/winter I leave it alone
  • I have never failed a test in High School or College while wearing a Tom Brady jersey. FACT However for some reason the teacher would look at me as if I was open to cheating... I never cheated, tho sometimes I misinterpreted the rules.
  • Yellow lighters are bad luck. A full moon makes people in nursing homes crazy. Wishing on a shooting star.
  • If you tell your dream/nightmare before breakfast, it will come true...I suspect my mom just told me this so I wouldn't talk so much in the morning.
  • Hold your breath when passing a cemetery or a spirit will possess your body. I lived next to a cemetery growing up... Guess I’m possessed.
  • Never give knives as a gift- it will cut your relationship. Words from my grandma- so we when up-graded in laws knives for Xmas- they had to pay us $1.
  • My husband believes that putting shoes on the bed is bad luck.
  • When moving into a new home don’t bring a broom from your old house into your new house.
  • If I watch U of M football or basketball, they will lose. If I don't watch, they will win.
  • All religions
  • My ex thinks if you hit the roof of your car under a yellow light it won't turn red until you are through the intersection.
  • Don’t put your purse on the floor or you will have money out the door.
  • Cross your fingers when you go by a graveyard or you'll never get another hit(League of their Own) Its crazy I don't even play anymore but I do it for the ones I root for
  • When the cows are laying down it's going to rain
  • Dont put new shoes on the table
  • Bad things usually happen in sets of 3
  • I could be happy
  • I knew someone that thought if a pregnant woman raised her arms above her head, it would put knots in the umbilical cord.
  • A friend I have that won't eat any red food, for example, spaghetti and meatballs. He told me of his beliefs that women who are menstruating will put blood in the food to make a man do whatever they say... needless to say I told him he is crazy.
  • When we were kids, my neighbor used to say you have to hold your breath while driving past a cemetery so you don't disturb the dead. She also said pick up your feet so they don't touch the floor when driving over railroad tracks for good luck.
  • I remember a childhood friend holding her breath past cemeteries so ghosts couldn't get her or something along those lines. We were 8 at the time. Now I do it for fun to see if I can make it past the large ones.
  • My sister-in-law blamed a houseplant that I gave her, (called a "Wandering Jew" that she believed brought bad luck.) for her & her husband's fighting & colds. So she tore it up & threw it out.
  • Hold your breath while passing a cemetery or you'll succumb to an early death.
  • My superstition is when you get a shiver from ur head to your toes means someone just walked over your grave
  • Some horses have a dent on the left side of their neck. They say it's a sword wound from charging into battle, a sign of a brave horse
  • If your left palm itches you are going to lose money, if your right palm itches you are going to receive money
  • Step on a crack break your mama's back. Ouija boards.
  • I don't know if this is a superstition or not, but starting with junior high basketball, I've put my left sock and left shoe on first. Still do it to this day
  • if you don’t use it you lose it
  • Full moon makes the kids crazy. I teach and can say this is true.
  • I have a weird Superstition that if someone sweeps my foot with a broom by accident they have to draw an x on my back with their finger otherwise I'll have bad luck
  • My ex husband believes that if you put rubbing alcohol on your body, set fire to it, and put a glass over it until it burns out, it will cure almost all of your illnesses. Especially congestion. Someone also told me that he believes that feeding his son turtle blood when he was a toddler cured the boy's asthma.
  • When I was young I believed that the neon lights that reflected onto the floor of skating rinks were portals or quick sand and for a good year I was literally afraid of the skating rink. (My parents took us every Saturday when we were kids).

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