Just two days before his 21st birthday Steve got a minor in possession and Christine got kicked out of class for sneezing. There are just dumb little mistakes that we make and people will say “really… you got in trouble for that?”. For the record your answers were great stories:

What’s the stupidest thing you have ever been in trouble for?

  • I sent a text to my husband saying that I can't text anymore because my boss is here now.. Except I sent it to my boss instead of my husband.
  • On 6th grade I didn’t get my mom to sign my homework so I forged her signature. Almost got away with it except I spelled my mom’s first name wrong.
  • Told one of our daycare teachers (when I was in daycare so maybe k/1st grade age) that nobody liked her. I got in huge trouble for that with the daycare and my parents. None of the other kids had the guts to say it
  • Disobeying my mom and roller skating in a church parking lot
  • My son, 4th grade, got into trouble for building a taser out of legos.
  • I stole my dad's car when I was 13 and it was a stick shift and I had never driven a stick shift before
  • I’ve never been in trouble
  • Not having a cover on my school book. I was given detention. I had never had detention before. My dad wrote the teacher (no email back in the day). I did not have detention after that.
  • Not me, but when my husband was in elementary school a firefighter came to do a presentation to his class. When the guy was done presenting, the teacher asked my husband if he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. My husband said “no” and got detention for being disrespectful to the guy.
  • The stupidest thing I got in trouble was from the airlines I got grounded for having 3 babies in 3 years. I still think it was stupid
  • For supposedly drinking some of my mom's liquor and refilling it with water. She said I should have filled it to where it was and she would have never noticed. Took me a while to convince her that she was already too buzzed to see straight and the seal hadn't been broke
  • Putting a sweater in the laundry; I thought I had spilled mustard on it. I could not produce the mustard to my dad. For “lying” about said mustard I was forced to clean the WHOLE house to go on my hot date that night.
  • Saying that the new employee was not a good fit for the job. Yep. And I was fired.
  • eating in class. we were watching a movie anyway?? & it was a sandwich so not even loud. (it was my lunch because i was getting counseling sessions during lunch so i didn’t eat during those)
  • Not paying medical bills.
  • Singing along with the radio while wearing a mask=mumbling under my breath
  • I got fired from a job for being on the internet too much... The guy said "I paid my bills for 8 hours one day". I said "I make $8.50 an hour, how long do you think it takes me to pay my bills with that?"
  • Putting tape on my crush in 2nd grade. It was 2 small pieces of tape and I got detention for it! Lol
  • Malicious use of telecommunication services. Got probation and everything. Yelled at some bitch on the phone.
  • I once got written up at work for being too sick to work.....on a Sunday, and this was a business not open to the public on the weekends. My excuse? I had pink eye and a viral infection, and I would have needed to be out in public. I got a doctor's note Monday to stay home, and when I returned to work, I was written up for the Sunday incident, and told my doctor's note was not good enough because it did not state the illness I had.
  • Not catching my sister when she fell down the stairs
  • My friend got in trouble for throwing nerds candy at a passing car.
  • I'm always in trouble because I have a different opinion
  • I had a long term sub and she was the worst teacher I ever had. In elementary school, I had to use the restroom at the end of the day. She didn’t give us a BR break towards the end of the day, lunch was the last time. Lunch was at 1125am. Going home was 3:35pm. She let me go to the restroom but I would go straight to the bus instead of coming back to the classroom because the bell would ring and I would get bulldozed by kids in the opposite direction. This was a daily thing until she got upset I didn’t come back and gave me detention. There was also a student who elbowed me in the face. He was the class troublemaker and when I told her she told me that “his brother is an Angel and I don’t believe he would ever do that!” Well his brother is another person. Then she called me a liar and never did anything. Worst teacher I have ever had in K-12.
  • I got in trouble and got sent to the principal's office cause I kept farting in class mind you this was many times over I've done this and at the time I could fart on demand and it's art on demand and I was always dared to do it
  • I was written up for offering to mail tickets to a customer for a show in GR. She lived in Lansing and due to time constraints, she couldn't make it on time from work to pick them up, so I went
  • Standing up for a girls who was being bullied in Algebra class lol
  • When I was in 5th grade I took a condom to school and a bunch of us kids were playing with it on the school bus; a kid blew it up. Someone on the bus snitched and I got called into the principal’s office. The principal called my mom.
  • I got in trouble/scolded when my dad was sent a photo and link to my naughty Twitter page. He literally cut me off from him and told my whole family. I’m trash because HE doesn’t approve..IM THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD!!! I do what I want man!!
  • Not myself.. but my son when he was in 3rd grade, he stayed at the front door at the beginning of the school day & held it open for the teachers (the inner set of doors), he got to class late. The teacher legit called me to say "Your son was holding the door open for incoming staff instead of coming to class on time, if this happens again he will get an in school suspension".
  • I worked in a greenhouse and my supervisor told me I walked the wrong direction and it took too many steps! whaaaaat?
  • I had trouble pronouncing words when I was little. I got in trouble for "swearing on the schoolbus" ...apparently the Mary Poppins song doesn't go Supercalifragilisticexpialido$hit
  • I got my mouth washed out with soap when I was little for calling one of my siblings a “Fart”!
  • I snuck into my boss’s office and deleted an email I accidentally sent to him instead of a coworker....I sat back in his chair when he walked in like I belonged there.....he never saw the email but I got yelled at for just being in his office

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