I was so excited (back in the day) when Taco Bell hired me to work there. My first day they let me work the drive thru. I am a little unique and I am aware of that. So, I decided to do a bunch of voices on the drive thru and at the end of my shift management couldn’t see my vision. They said “Weird ginger man, not the right gig for you.”

What's the weirdest reason you or someone you know has been fired?

  • I got fired for putting in my two weeks notice once. That didn’t end well for that company. It left them short staffed during a holiday season and 2 other employees left because they tried to force them into overtime.
  • For eating an unsold donut on the way to taking it out to the trash at the end of the day, then also prosecuted for stealing it
  • Wasn't fired but hrs. cut so low I quit after I started kicking my heals up when they kept saying my cash register was missing $$ every day. It was the manager taking the money and using me as a way of getting away with it.
  • I wasn't perky enough
  • A manager of mine didn’t like me for some reason. She picked on me about every little thing. She even wrote me up if I didn’t say good morning to her. She ended up setting up a fake Facebook account under one of my cousins names. She had me going back-and-forth with this fake cousin of mine and this cousin was asking me about my job and how I liked it. I told him that I couldn’t stand my new manager and she picks on me for every little thing. I called her a bitch. Next day at work I got called into the general managers office and I was fired for talking negatively about a manager on social media. Even though we were instant messaging, I still got fired. It wasn’t like all of my friends on Facebook could read it, it was just between the two of us, who I thought was my cousin. I ended up calling my cousin and he said he didn’t even have a Facebook account, so I have no clue how she got his name. I talked to a bunch of lawyers and there wasn’t much they could do back then because there weren’t that many rules out there for social media. I tried to tell the general manager that it was a fake account and she sent me up, but he was on her side.
  • I did homecare for a older lady who said I didn't cook well enough for the job. I was hired to take care of her personal needs, no one mentioned being a cook and housekeeper
  • I worked at an apparel shop on Mackinac Island 15 years ago. All I had to do was fold and sell shirts and hoodies. I was let go because one of the store managers said I didn’t “Put my best foot forward.” I am still friends with the other manager of that shop 15 years later! By the way, which foot is the better foot? My right foot is kind of annoying-it does this clicking thing and it cramps. You know they don’t teach you about your best foot in high school... Was it a pirate joke that went over my head?!
  • Some years back there was a lady on the schedule for a month but she never showed up. Then one day she waltzes in drunk and then they fired her. It was so wierd.
  • Because I told a customer at Sandwich place that it will take a minute for me to get to the till. (I was making her sandwich and was the only employee in the store)
  • This is easy! For having a baby. Lol ! Yes they knew I was pregnant when I got the position. I had my son and when I got home I got the call. I was terminated because I didn’t complete my probationary period. Oh well. I spent 7 months with my son.
  • Because I played "Santa Baby" on the store radio. Apparently that song promoted an unhealthy image for Sagebrush
  • I put on Facebook how rude a very well known Wisconsin basketball coach was while he stayed at the resort I worked at.
  • 15 years old, got strep throat and had a doctors note. Assist. Manager said come to work or "your done here". I didnt come in they called my mother and said I didnt show up for work and wad fired. My mother defended me but I didnt care at that point. … See More
  • Bc I "wasn't catching on" said a year after they hired me from a temp position
  • I got fired for not showing up when I wasn't on the schedule and no one asked me to...
  • When i was 16 working at a fast food place i got let go because of the mgmt at the time made the gravy wrong because he did not have the water at the right temp so he blamed me
  • A former employee got fired because he called in too many times for the death of his Dad and his brother. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure you can only die once. Also, if a family member dies, don't tell people how they came over for dinner after they have died.
  • A girl got fired from my work for stealing two boxes of rubber gloves.. she said you have so many I did not think you would mind..
  • I still have the pink slip from the movie theater that canned me as a teenager because I "wasn't cutting the mustard." Wth? At 40, I still have no clue what that meant!
  • Getting hired at a grocery store in the deli cooking fried chicken. The owner was out of town and my application was good to the eye so much that i got hired in the spot. come to find out the owner hated me from rumors and here say so after working three days alone at a new job, monday when the owner came back from his trip he found my name on the schedule and I got fired from the job I traind myself at and gt fired from for having that name from stories heard from others
  • Warehouse employee, moved boxes on a rack/shelf in just a way to make a "fort" to take naps in! Lmao! Equipt with blankets and pillows even lol
  • The guy always smelt like garlic so she gave him a warning and a week later he smelt like garlic again so he was fired lol
  • For my 18th birthday my mother surprised me with concert tickets. Sheb3told me about them a month before my birthday so I could put in for the day off. I let my boss know I needed the day off and she told me I couldn't because someone else had asked for that day as well. I told her why needed the day off that my mom had gotten me concert tickets and planned the whole night for a small group of us (4 of us). Next day she met me at work and asked for my keys just prior to my shift.
  • Because I wasn't bubbly enough.
  • I worked at a gas station, was eating batter that fell off the chicken after it was deal fried. Dang if I knew that I would of ate the whole chicken tender
  • I was told I was "too nice" to be a manager.
  • My friend Craig got fired for stealing boxes... On his day off.
  • When I was 16 I was let go from a waitressing job because I kept chewing gum which was against the rules. LOL!!!!!!!!
  • Working too many hours!
  • I supposedly called my boss a lazy ass over a busy telephone signal.
  • Because I was written up for being in the hospital and I would not sign a form for being written up because of it...
  • For not working there day off.
  • Because they didn't like my boyfriend....this will be my 15 yr wedding anniversary ...
  • For voting for Obama in 08
  • I had surgery
  • I didn't get fired just demoted to maintenance. I worked at an office for an apt complex. One day we had to label unit keys by letter and numbers. I write in cursive. Evidently my 'v's looked far too much like 'u's. They gave people the wrong keys as a result on move-in day. I remember the meeting where I got the feedback and manager says 'have you always had trouble with writing?' No manager person, because my handwriting is completely and entirely legible and quite nice actually....
  • when my brother was in college he had a show at the schools radio station....he went to a Catholic college (Aquinas) in GR....anyway...one of the bits they did was "guess what's in my hand"....as you can imagine what was in his hand was not on-air appropriate. (It was pubic hair) anyway....he got fired...the president of the college ripped him a new one and then called MY DAD. He was CC GM at the time. My dad was furious. Now it's one of our fav family stories
  • It was 1990, I was a 20 year old single girl, who continued to get great reviews/evaluations as the receptionist for a well known Life Insurance company. I got pregnant. As soon as I started showing & word got out about my pregnancy the manager called me in his office & said "because of your condition, we have to let you go". I'll never forget his words. Sure do wish discrimination was heard of more back then. Lost my benefits, insurance and income at 4 months pregnant. But I survived thanks to family & friends.
  • This one's for fish! A co worker at my current place of employment. Was let go for getting caught on camera sneaking off with another employee. Doing balloon animals on lunch breaks.They both were fired!
  • A friend of mine got fired for taking a crap in a ziploc bag and taped it to the wall by the time clock area where people punch in and it had a note written on it that said, "have a s**tyy day!" I guess he forgot that management recently put a camera up in that area.
  • RBF-Resting bitch face... Literally said “needs to smile more” on termination papers
  • SWAB: I was fired for using my Gmail to send sexually graphic emails to my guy. They tracked my computer and found way TMI. LOL

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