I don’t know about you but I have moved around a lot so I for sure have found some weird things in houses or apartments when I moved in. Connie and I once moved into a place with roaches everywhere and it freaked us out and was nasty as hell! Steve found a room that looked like a weird kill room from a movie with empty jars (Can’t believe he didn’t smell them) and Christine found a bunch of bullets in a lamp shade. I will say this though … your answers for the TQOTD were awesome!

What’s the weirdest thing you ever found in your apartment or home?

  • went to do laundry and there was a chicken in the laundry basket…a. Live one
  • A pair of boxers wrapped around a broken pipe in the basement. My father-in-laws way of “fixing” it.
  • Weirdest thing we found in our home. Was a skeleton lol in the cupboard
  • Possums in my basement
  • A knife stuck into a tree in our woods. Clearly had been there a number of years, all rusty and handle disintegrating. Creepy.
  • The house we live in now has some old potato sacks and old newspapers in the walls for insulation. Husband was fixing a wall and pulled some of it out. Also found the weight and pulley for an old dumbwaiter still in the wall. Old houses are pretty cool
  • McDonalds food in my son's dresser drawer.
  • A live (BAT). My cat was playing with what I thought was a leaf. Wrong!
  • My children
  • An adult movie (vhs) on top of a cabinet in the kitchen.
  • Bb gun pellets. Also had a cutout in one of the walls in one of the rooms and found other 'interesting' drug/gun related items there from previous owners
  • carpet turkey on my wall... it's a long story.
  • An angry bat.
  • Acorns in my closet
  • Found a WW1 headstone in my yard, used as a step.
  • When I was a college student, I cleaned for the college in the summers. Let’s just say gross used condoms in the frat houses.
  • Maybe a qt can of Vaseline.Here when we bought the house.
  • These swans under the wallpaper during a bathroom remodel.
  • My family
  • A mole
  • My house is really old and we found an old baby boot in the wall
  • When we moved into our current home we are renting we found cockroaches and when we contacted landlords they tried to blame us
  • A renter left behind her personal…. Umm… toy
  • Not in my home but at my work several years ago, a family of raccoons in the electrical closet, I work at school!
  • My friend came home and went to go to the bathroom and found a squirrel in the toilet
  • When we moved into out last house 6 years ago, there was a plastic under the furnace. We were too afraid to touch it. We just moved into a new house but left it for the new owners
  • A box of pinecones in the garage and my exs computer wide open so I could see he was unfaithful.
  • Today I found a nipple or tongue ring in my washer when no one here has either of those piercings...
  • A snake in the bathtub. Somehow came thru the pipes
  • The weirdest thing we found was when we were remodeling our house, my husband pulled the ceiling down on the back porch area and about a thousand walnuts fell on him, evidently the squirrels were using it as storage
  • The previous owner painted rugs on the floor...like literal paint, made to look like rugs.
  • Well this isn’t exactly “in'' the house…..there was a patch of ground in the front yard that grass would not grow very well on. One day the husband started digging a bit, & hit something hard. After more digging, we realized it was a tombstone! I started freaking out, wondering if the guy was there. Turns out stuff like that ends up in fill…..who knew? I managed to track the guy down. They replaced the stone at some point, & this one ended up in dirt fill. Pretty creepy!
  • My ex's mistress

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