The other day Steve saw a bunch of 16 year old boys at a playground trying to impress girls by doing back flips. He was cracking up at how cheesy it was and also let them know to be safe and he could call 911 (It’s a dad thing). It got us to today’s TQOTD.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?

  • Bought a CD and memorized the songs to pretend I liked a band that I didn’t even know existed beforehand.
  • Had a soda chugging contest. It didn't go well
  • When I first was hanging with my now wife, I was dating her friend. I wanted to impress my now wife so after the bar at her friends house, I chugged a whole big bottle of maple syrup!! She said Everytime I would sweat after that, I smelled like syrup!! We've been married for almost 10 years now!! It must have worked!!
  • Did the Tequila chair 3 times in Reno. Chugging tequila in a barber chair on top of the other drinks wasn’t the best idea, but left a great impression on everyone for the whole weekend
  • Tried to slide on ice to impress my crush and fell and cracked my tailbone. He helped me into the school so I got to feel his arm around me lol
  • I got on a rollercoaster acting like I totally wasn't scared and while on the 3 min ride I passed out he said 4 times. I probably looked stupid and since then, I've never been the same
  • Nearly broke my knee trying to impress a group of boys at a skatepark. I was new to riding BMX and thought I could ride up a half moon. Messed up the landing and hit the ground on my foot instead of a tire, sending a massive shock into my previously broken knee. Was in a lot of pain. Rode it off and left the park. Heard some chuckles. I never went back.
  • I have never purposefully impressed someone. Like every time I try no one's impressed and then I'll be doing something I normally do, just going about my business and someone will be like "omg that's so cool" or something to that effect.
  • Did a tequila "suicide shot" at Margaritaville
  • I bought expensive concert tickets to see a band in Detroit for my friends and I that I didn't like. The things we do for friendships
  • Paid for their dinner
  • The thing I did to impress someone was mentioning that I have a dog that loves guys
  • Pretended to like drinking and bars and going out and all the stupid crap people like.
  • You really don’t want to know!!!
  • **can't say on air LOL** swallowed. ;)
  • Ran into a fire hydrant playing football and broke my kneecap trying to impress a neighbor girl with my athleticism.
  • Pierced my nipples!
  • Tried growing my hair out and started dressing darker and acting edgier because I wanted this goth/emo/scene girl to like me and she had no interest, even considered dying my hair black, and also got into scene and emo bands. We were still friends but she just wasn’t into me that way.
  • Cut my hair into a pixie cut when it was past my shoulders. He ended up not even dating me and I overheard him tell someone I looked like Justin Bieber. Never again did anything to impress anybody
  • Drank a cup of Louisiana hot sauce
  • I got a tattoo when I was 18 that is a Chinese symbol supposed to mean reborn. Found out 10 years later it means foolish!! 😂😂😂
  • When I was 15 i let some boy put a dog collar and leash on me and lead me around a festival 😵‍💫

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