Gather round, Click of Six members, and share with us a story about something weird or crazy you did to make some cash.

What's the weirdest way (job, bet, or other) you have ever made money?

  • What’s the weirdest way I made money? I wanted to break up with my now ex boyfriend but at the time his parents had lots of work on their property and they offered to pay me to help. I kept dating him until everything was done. Gosh I really hope this is truly anonymous
  • Weirdest way I've made money. I have a couple. My husband enjoys going to the casino. Back when we were first married I told him whatever amount of money he lost at the casino he had to match and give to me. I bought new bedroom set, Dyson vacuum, etc. Second way. I never take a day off. In the past year I just took my first day off 3 weeks ago. My husband paid me to take a day off. I told him that was the only way it was happing. ‍♀️
  • Craziest way I made money was when I cut my hair and sold it on EBay. It was a 24” long ponytail that sold for $400. I had already donated my hair various times over the years and this time I decided to see what would happen if I sold my hair.
  • Was drinking on St. Patty's day a few years back in Chicago. Ended night at restaurant where there was a bachelorette party. Ended up giving dances and made $12 in tips
  • Back when I was a Freshman in college (early 2000’s) I took a job as a nude model for the art college. I was so uncomfortable the whole time and I had a couple panic attacks in the bathroom when I was on break but it paid $30 an hour. The cafeteria was paying $6.15 an hour so I couldn’t say no. The only thing that I still worry about is how many naked drawings still exist of me out there.
  • I would have to say, picking up cans along the side of the road. It's been awhile, but still. I also donated plasma and upcycled things and resold.
  • I was driving and some guy pulled out in front of me. He obviously hit me. We pulled over and we called the police. Well after waiting he said do you think $200 would cover it. I said sure because it wasn't that bad. Besides it was an old car and I rea… See More
  • I've been a dishwasher, owned a home daycare center, been a retail worker, worked through a temp place, been a Lyft driver and a Behavior Tech. I don't think any of those qualify as weird.
  • I used to take my Uncle in laws empties back. He would let me keep half as payment. I would make anywhere from $20 to $40 every couple of months for almost no effort. I told him I would just do it and he could keep all of his money but he insisted.
  • My dad really wanted me to play basketball. He would pay me a penny for every basket. I practiced a lot!! But never liked the sport.
  • My dad paid me money for every A on my report card.
  • Good old fashioned CHORES....
  • I picked up pine cones out of our yard. Ma said a penny per cone. She didn’t expect the big black bags FULL when she got home! Made $20 bucks!!
  • When I was in high school my mom paid me just to go to school.
  • I collected a certain brand of bracelets over the course of several years and sold them later to pay for my wedding dress.
  • My husband sold nightcrawlers for 25 cents a dozen in which he always gave them 13 lol and the shack sign said Buckys Bait
  • If I flicked a guy in the ass with a Chinese yo-yo at a 7-Eleven. 3 o’clock in the morning.made $5.00 I did ,I did, I did!
  • Doing my friends math homework in college and cleaning her dorm!
  • Made masks with my work logo on it
  • kidding
  • Selling my body (donating plasma) or rubbing my dads feet for $5 a foot (not a euphemism). Lol
  • Sold my plasma
  • Weirdest way I made money was when I worked for a research company in Maryland. The Discovery Channel had hired the research company to conduct a women’s sexual health survey. I got paid to call women all day and ask them a series of questions about their sex life. Everything from when they lost their virginity, how many partners, how often, stds, etc. When the study was done the Discovery Channel aired a special about our results.

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