It's time to throw your mom under the bus for today's Text Question of the Day...

What’s the worst advice your mom ever gave you?

  • I can't think of any bad advice she gave me, she was a smart cookie and I'd give just about anything for some of her advice and wisdom.
  • My mom has never given me any bad advise but she did tell me one time to stay single and my pockets would jingle and I didn’t listen and now I am broke! What I wouldn’t do to have her give me advise on life right now though! Miss her everyday!
  • She did say that I would never meet anyone worthwhile in a bar. 41 years later, I think marrying that cute guy in the Driftwood was the right choice
  • Omg way too much to list. My mom lied to me so much, filling head with all kinds of false things, both about myself and the world.
  • If he's mean to you it means he likes you! WTF
  • Don’t go to that concert on New Years 12/31/1999 ....because Y2K will cause the apocalypse, and you don’t want to be so far from home.
  • I can’t remember any bad advice from my mom.. everything she warned me about.. she was right every time!!
  • Something about sex on a the washing machine on spin cycle.... kinda gave me nightmares lol
  • No bad advice from my mom ever!
  • Yellow light=go faster
  • Marry him
  • My fiance’s mom said "give 20% of ALL OF YOUR INCOME in tithes to the church" aparently the freakin bible tells her this. She doesnt have a home but is giving 20% of her stimulus check to her church. Worst financial advice ever. Nothing against the church. But I'll be damned if the church takes TWENTY PERCENT of my hard earned income. And the woman is crazy...but dont tell him I said that:)
  • The worst advice my mother ever gave me. My mothers prime time was the 70s so in the 90s when I was 10 or so my mother would roll a joint light it up take a hit and while exhaling told me don't do drugs.
  • Ma taught me to cook n sew. Her only advice was "stay out of trouble." It took me a very long time to heed her words.
  • Worst/best advice my mom ever gave me... the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.
  • Worst advice my mother gave me she said marry her she's a keeper oh ya okay boy was she ever wrong
  • QOTD. It really wasn't advice per se, but my mom thought discussing sex with us meant she was condoning it. I chose to be open with my kids even though it can be incredibly uncomfortable.
  • The worst advice I ever got from my mom was when I was in middle school and she told me I needed more "sorority" (close girl friends). Since elementary school I had always just gotten along with boys better and that's who I would hang out with but my mother felt that I was missing out on female friendship. So, I tried this whole sisterhood racket and wow I sure wasn't missing out on anything. See, girls pretend to be your friend and then start rumors about you, give you back-handed complements, talk smack about you behind your back, turn on you for no reason at all and basically do everything that's the opposite of actually being a friend. Girls suck! After all that I told my mom sorority is way overrated and I wanted no part of it, lol.
  • Let me start by saying all of my mom's advice is bad. I learned early on not to ask her because she's just that bad at it. My favorite most cringe-worthy advice I got from her was on my wedding day. She said to me, "The key to a successful marriage is to put your tail between your legs and do whatever he says. Don't be outspoken, and don't expect anything from him, but if he does anything extra then be grateful and let him know you appreciate it." I should also tell you, my mom has been divorced 4 times.