It's the day after Valentine's Day so we wanted to move on from the whole lovey dovey stuff and get into something more real. That's why we wanted to hear about your best, or worst, breakup.

What's your "best" breakup story?

  • So Junior year my guy and I had Prom. He was an hour late, it was an hour wait for dinner (we didn’t have reservations) and an hour to eat. We got to prom with maybe an hour left in the festivities. Instead of dancing our first dance with me hel danced with my then best friend. I later found out she was the one who convinced him to break up with me. Fast forward to the Tuesday after (I called in sick Monday bc Mondays). He drove me to school as he always did and drove me home afterward as well. He asked me if I wanted to know what was on him mind. I jumped at the chance to have him share his thoughts with me because he’d always been so quiet. He then told me he didn’t want us to be together anymore. I was devastated and he had the audacity to hug me telling me he thought it would cheer me up! It took me 7 months to get over him (that was conveniently the time he started getting interested in me again).
  • We broke up on and off and I ended up marrying him because he is the love of my life. That friend is no longer in our lives and I’m A-OK with that.
  • My ex was obsessed with Tupac...obsessed. We broke up the day he surprised me with the words “Thug Life” tattooed on his chest. Nope. Peace out. I’ve always wondered if his nearly 50 year old self regrets that.
  • I moved out in the middle of the night while he was at work and took our bed with me. There was no way that he would have known I was gone when he got home (I took very little from the common areas) until he walked into the bedroom and it was basically empty. ETA: he was a jerk and he totally deserved it.
  • Just the fact that we broke up is the best story I can come up with.
  • I’m not proud of this and I was young! I have Never done this before or after this person and happily married 20+ years. He broke up with me and we talked on the phone for hours back and forth and I cried and all of the feels and we got back together to try again and then I broke up with him! I realized we weren’t meant to be and I was the one breaking up not him
  • My husband and I have been together since high school. When we were dating for 6 months he tried to break up with me and I wouldn’t let him. now we are going on 18 years and we have 4 boys. It’s the only almost break up story I have because he’s the only serious boyfriend I ever had. We still laugh about too.
  • Took him to Flapjack for breakfast. Ate in pretty much silence- things had been fizzled out for a while. I paid the bill and drove him home. He was giving sad eyes as he got out of the car... I said, "goodbye" and have never regretted it. Everything is better with pancakes.
  • Paid for a trip to Disney. Flight. Hotel. The works. Hotel screwed us out of 2 days. So I called the airport to change flights. Intercepted the woman I was being cheated on with . Little did she know I was there with him. I just thanked her and said your welcome to him. Made sure she knew we just had sex but she claimed I way lying. I am no 10 by any means but when ya cheat don’t ya cheat on someone who looks better? I mean I was 19 years old. He was WAY older. And he cheated on me with a toothless waitress that was older than me by 30 years so glad that crap ended though. I do enjoy hearing how much his life sucks now though. Kinda karma mending my broken heart
  • I had found out that he was cheating on me after months of thinking he was. I helped him pack up his apartment to move into a house, I put all of the boxes next to his car. Told him we were done when we went to leave, he called me a bitch. I left with pride knowing that I wasn't the cheating a**hole. best decision I had ever made!
  • I decided that the generational curse of women being treated like they're worthless by the men in their life was worth breaking. The end.
  • Pipe broke in house. He said he was out of town working so he couldn't help. I knew better. A couple of rooms flooded before I figured out how to turn the water off. He came home on Sunday to a completely empty house except the couple pieces of furniture of his and his personal belongings. He sounded real mad on his voice mails and texts
  • Just look at him and say I am done and you need to leave now! After 15 years of putting up with his crap I fell out of love and you come to a point where you're just done.
  • Husband of 10 years texted me that he thought we should “parent the kids separately” and we would be better off apart. Wasn’t completely unexpected...he had been cheating with a married friend for months, but still, a TEXT?!?!
  • I'm from here and he was from upstate NY. We were down near Houston for work when we got into it pretty bad one Saturday night. I broke up with him 3 separate times that night and he wasn't processing that fact so I called my boss the next morning, and they got him a flight back to NY Sunday afternoon. Haven't seen him since. There really are way more details but that's the jist of it.
  • Long distance relationship and I called to tell him it was over. He was still in love with someone else and I knew it. It was okay and we both felt relieved.
  • The funny part? I didn’t realize what day it was until I hung up the phone. It was Valentine’s Day.
  • Was sitting with my mother who was broken heartedly telling me about my grandmother being in the hospital, and my then husband tried to put a GPS track on my phone because I wasn't answering his calls. His SUPER abusive controlling ass assumed I was with another guy, not receiving devastating family news. I packed up a UHaul and left him 5 days later with our 4 year old daughter in tow.
  • My ex looked at me after our 8th anniversary married and said he wanted a divorce
  • I packed the U-Haul and left!
  • He told me he was gay...
  • Lived out of state to support my husband, diagnosed with cancer, he cheated, we divorced, I moved back home to MI where my family is, Loser
  • I packed my things and his and left without saying a word. But I did leave all his dating site favorites on his packed belongings and figured he could figure it out.
  • So my long term high school-into-college boyfriend was acting shady for like a month... so I called him out on it and he says he's been thinking about another girl that loves out of state, says he's not actually cheating but maybe we should take a break.... I said, screw you, we're done. He doesn't want to be done and begs for forgiveness, I say no. Found out months later he was cheating on me with a different girl the whole time!
  • I was dating a guy for a couple Months. Really nice, but pretty boring in the sack, and we just didn't click. We planned a trip to Florida before I realized it wasn't going to work. Tickets weren't refundable 😒 Anyway; I suffered through the vacation. We ended up having a layover in New Jersey and I couldn't take it anymore. I slammed 3 screwdrivers at the airport Applebee's and broke up with him. I had to sit next to him for the remaining flight - it was terrible. Lol
  • I packed my things and left without saying a word. But I did leave all his dating site favorites on his packed belongings and figured he could figure it out.
  • 6 years ago on valentine's day at dinner at our local moose i had enough of my now ex-husband's infidelity that I threw off my wedding band and said we are DONE
  • The best break-up story I have is this... Back in my delinquent days there was this great girl Kelly, she was a delinquent too as were her roommates. We were a hard partying and intense couple. One Valentines Day we decided we were going to act like civilized people for the beginning of the date. We dressed up, went to a movie, went to this awesome Greek restaurant. Note: this all happened in Mpls. So we grabbed a bottle of wine from the restaurant and went to a hotel. The hotel is where we reverted back to our wilder sides and proceeded to have the most raucous evening (The most G Rated way to tell it). The next morning feeling a little weird (and hung over) we went to breakfast and after a very long silence we looked at each other and pretty much at the same time we both said we needed to break up. We agreed that if we stayed together the chances of us living past 30 was not going to happen. We are still friends and talk about once a month. She is doing awesome with her family and children in Arizona.
  • (This morning was the first morning I could bring myself to listen to you guys. I am sorry for being away for a while. You see my Dad died on 01/01/21 in California and when I came back is when I heard about Connie. She was so awesome to take the time and entertain me with her email responses. I kept being reminded of my Dad and her. I miss them both. I felt like I got to know Connie a little bit and she was/is an amazing lady. My condolences to you guys. Christine sounds fun and awesome and is a great addition to your team.) As always I have nothing to hide and Kelly and knows I tell this tale
  • We had been dating a year or so, he “needed a break”. One night, around 10 p.m. he called me and wanted to get together. He told me I had to go see him because we never broke up. I told him yes we did and he said when? I said right now and hung up the phone! Added bonus to this story: Several years later he ran into my dad and my husband. He was talking about me to some guys, telling them he almost married me. My husband walked away very mad. When my husband got home from work, he questioned me about the guy I almost married, I had never brought it up! I had no clue what he was talking about. I finally figured it out when he told me who he was talking about, the guy never asked me to marry him!
  • I had a guy break up with me by taping a note to my apartment door! This was more than 20 years ago, but I remember it so clearly because IT WAS RIDICULOUS! I am a nurse and had been at work overnight, when I got home I saw the note that said, "I'm sorry, I can't give you what you want right now" I immediately called him and he was saying "oh I didn't really plan to do it, I was out for a drive and it just happened" blah blah. I said, "u sure did plan brought tape!" And then I hung up on him! What a spineless a-hole!
  • He broke up with me THROUGH a Facebook status ON MY DEAD FATHER'S BIRTHDAY WHILE I WAS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD.....He has been there for the child ever since but still!!!!!!!
  • Hmm which ones better...the one who jumped out a window to avoid talking to me, or the one who broke up with me over IM?
  • when I was in college, I was seriously dating a guy who was not the nicest, basically emotionally abusive. While dating him, I gained about 40 pounds.He graduated and went to grad school out of state.I was very dependent on him and devastated but after he moved I felt so free having no one tell me what to wear or how to do my makeup or hair. So I lost all 40 pounds plus some, flew out to see him for a weekend, gave him a GREAT weekend, flew home and broke up with him over the phone.
  • I went golfing while she took a nap car wouldn't start at the golf course so I called her to come get me she had left my apartment and was already home PO'd oh and it just happened to be her birthday

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