I love the TQOTD. Sometimes we like to use it for ideas for different things. Today’s is all about date ideas. You guys gave great ones.

What’s your DREAM first date like?

  • it's been so long since I've even been on a date. I'd say just a nice dinner, maybe a movie after. I'm pretty simple.
  • Blankets in the back of a pick up truck, picnic basket, music & stars.
  • Taco's... drinks...and
  • I helped him pick out a gift for secret Santa at work. 9 years ago.. Now we are picking out a house for our family.
  • 10 mile hike, 20 mile bike ride, maybe some tennis. Anything outdoors, anything involving exercise outside.
  • We went for pizza and then fishing in our farm pond! Now celebrating being married 5 years, and together 9
  • It's not the date but the person you're with that makes it perfect
  • Picnic at the park
  • This thought had left my mind years ago. No good guys left to pick from, so why torture oneself with redundant questions
  • A date with lots of laughter and openness
  • Our first date was an MSU football game! It was perfect!
  • A walk on a beach or in a woods with a picnic and some music.
  • Meeting at a coffee shop, then walking and talking, maybe stop at a food truck and eat on a bench. I love winter, so that would be pretty sweet.
  • First dates are just introductions... people put too much weight on them... regardless of what happens if it leads to a great relationship it was an outstanding first date, period.
  • He picks me up we go to eat a picnic in the park we talk and end up hitting it off
  • I already had it. It was his master plan to sweep me away from my ex husband . I drove over and he cooked an amazing shrimp pasta dish. We had wine and Netflix'd and chilled. It's the only date I've been on and the best date.
  • Dream first date with HOT DAN. Dinner, dancing, wine dine, helicopter ride to Las Vegas. Sunset cruise in Las Vegas. But again with Dan might be cookies and Milk lol 😝
  • Coffee that leads to chatting, a walk that goes on forever. And then a dinner that doesn’t feel like it should ever end. That’s a good date. I could do those every day.
  • I'd have to think about that one...but I know it at least would be on April 25th
  • Find a happy hour spot with half price drinks and apps. Then find a dinner spot with BOGO coupons or deals. Conversation flows naturally-feels effortless with lots of laughter. You feel like you can totally be yourself with the other person. Drive to a lake and walk along the shore for a bit. Sit by a fire overlooking the lake as the sun goes down. Maybe stop at Taco Bell on the way home.
  • Never having to date again is my dream

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