Christmas and the Super Bowl are about the only 2 times when people get excited about commercials. So, since Christmas is less than a week away, what's your favorite holiday commercial?

What’s your favorite Christmas commercial of all time?

  • Favorite all time X-Mas Commerical is the Campbells soup commercial from the 90’s. Where the snowman comes into the house to drink some warm Campbell’s soup and the snow melts away to show a boy drinking his soup. I personally identified with this Commerical because I walked in many times to my home looking like a snowman and melted away under some Chicken Noodle. It sums up my winter childhood well!
  • Hershey kiss bells, they play it every year since I was little, love the nostalgia feel
  • It is the OLD Hershey’s Kisses Bells. The new one just doesn’t do it for me. That was my oldest child’s favorite commercial as a baby and she would get so excited when it came on. Brought back those happy moments when she was little. Was hoping her baby would love it too, now they changed it and she won’t get to hear the entire song.
  • Hershey bells but I’m a little prejudice since I live there. Love anything with animals.
  • The Corona Commercial
  • M&Ms with Santa.
  • The Hershey bells!
  • Damn almost forgot text question of the day best Christmas commercial ever the little puppy running next to the Clydesdales in a Budweiser commercial
  • Hi my favorite one was back in the late 70s early 80s the Norelco commercial when the Santa Claus comes riding down on the razor head thought that was cool
  • The Hershey kisses bell commercial
  • There's an old 7up one with Santa and his elves...loved it since I was a kid
  • The 1986 Folger's coffee one when Peter comes home.
  • Hershey kisses bells and the M&Ms with Santa
  • The Coke commercials with the Polar Bears.
  • Any clydesdale, coke polar bears or the M&M it's santa...he does exist!
  • The old Folgers one when the son comes home and wakes everyone up to the smell of “Folgers in their cup”
  • The m&m one of Santa and the red one falling over at the sight of each other. "He does exist" "they do exist"
  • Toss up between coke polar bears and the coke semi all lit up
  • The coke commercials.
  • Clydesdales and coke
  • Folgers by far
  • Hershey Kisses as bells!
  • Coca cola bears
  • The old target lady!
  • Any m and m commercial
  • Folgers. Peter!
  • Santa riding a norelco razor. Back in 1970's
  • Omg...the puppy Budweiser commercial ❤️❤️❤️❤️😃
  • The 7 up commercial where the little red circle is playing with the train set under the tree! Also the coke-cola polar bear
  • Take care of yourself Christmas ad.
  • I just wanted to text about the Hershey kiss Christmas commercial. When I was younger and my grandma told me that the reason they have had that one commercial for so many years is that the company uses what would be their holiday commercial budget each year to donate to charity instead. They made one commercial To keep using instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money each year on new commercials. I always think of that when I see it and it makes me really happy.
  • I’m guessing I have the same favorite commercial as Christine (probably for different reasons): it’s the KMART Joe Boxer commercial where 6 dude are lined up and jingle their “jingle balls” to jingle bells. Literally the best commercial of all time.
  • I really like the Hershey Kiss commercial where they're ringing the kisses like bells to the tune of we wish you a merry Christmas. That's a commercial that's been playing forever! You can hear it and know exactly which commercial it is even when you're not in the room
  • Definitely the Kmart guys in boxer shorts jingling their bells.

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