A lot of schools have started or are starting today and when asked for just ONE memory that you just loved I am sure that is not an easy answer. Christine was all about the football games and Steve had a blast when a teacher had helicopters and Army vehicles brought in. For me? I don’t know if you know this at all or not but I was the award winning photo editor of my high school and yearbook … well … I’ll tell you the rest another time … HEHE:

What is your favorite memory from when you were in school?

  • Senior prom
  • Lunch lol
  • Beowulf audio project
  • Being the class clown
  • Marching band … our director was awesome! I love football.
  • Winning two state softball championships.
  • My favorite memory of school is when I graduated.
  • Getting lunch off campus with my friends
  • My favorite memory of school is the Halloween parades around the block where all the parents would come and watch
  • Snowball fights at recess
  • I remember the time I was in school and I had made a art project in art class that was all about autism and I I gave to the school to use as a idea into what autism is all about
  • A Savannah Monitor was brought into our media class, and promptly shat itself.
  • Musicals we had and practiced for them. It kept me out of the house and we still had laughs.
  • Varsity cheerleading and marching band. There were only 2 of us that did both and we got to march the halftime show in our cheer outfits and my mom could watch where we were at
  • Memories of the girl I crushed on from 6th grade to 12th grade
  • Flag football in 6th grade. It rained 30 days continuously in September, and our field looked like a manure pasture
  • Not giving a crap during senior year.
  • Recess
  • Meeting my best friend in AP Bio! We’re still besties today.
  • Being on the dance team! We had the best time ever!
  • My favorite memory of school? Release when I got to go home and play outside or watch cartoons
  • Well this one time at band camp….
  • My favorite memory is when I went to each teacher and gave them candy so they’d vote for me for student of the month. i won by the way 😂
  • My favorite memory in school when they let greased baby pigs loose in the hallways for senior prank day!
  • I'd have to go with losing my virginity to the hottest nerd girl in the nerd group making me the de facto king of the nerds.

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