It is absolute crap weather all across the midwest and it will continue to be for the next few days.  So, we wanted to have a text question of the day that gave people some ideas on what they can do on their snow days!

What’s your favorite thing to do in this weather?

  • Text question of the day: Make comfort food, bake muffins, crochet, and snuggle my toddler! #30goingon60?
  • It's ya boi Damian! Gaming is my favorite thing to do on days like this and imma fight this weather for kingdom hearts 3 and do nothing but play!
  • TQOTD... This weather makes me want to snuggle up with my family, eat sugary, fatty comfort food and binge watch TV shows and movies. But I have to suck it up and go!!! Stay safe Michigan. Kids are off for 2 more days... YAY!
  • #TQOTD my favorite thing to do in this weather...stay inside, watch movies with some hot Chocolate and snuggle with my kitties. -Liz
  • TQOTD: I love to just sit and relax on the couch in this weather.
  • #tqotd my favorite thing to do in this weather? Have a Star Wars movie marathon! Side note: weather-wise, peeps need to clean off the snow off of their cars too, especially brake lights and headlights. Have a good day guys!
  • I like to snuggle with my hubby and puppy... In my feejays!! (PS Google feejays, you're welcome)
  • I love to sleep in watch movies and watch it snow from inside my house but right now I'm going down on 131 in a semi gravel train Right now
  • My favorite thing to do in this weather is to stay home! I HATE winter lol-Lisa
  • binge-watch tv shows with my wife
  • TQOTD...Binge watch TV shows and movies and cook tons of yummy stuff in the oven and crockpot! I knew I was hoarding TV shows for a reason! #snowmageddon Kristin
  • My favorite thing to do in this weather is to sit back and listen to the same people that complained about the heat all summer... now complain about the cold all winter. it's grrreeeaaattt! Michigan is the best state for all seasons, so hush up or move far away from me. 😀
  • My favorite thing to do with this weather is to piss and moan about it I hate it LOL
  • As little as possible...snuggle with my dogs all day and Netflix. FYI, my husband snow blows paths all over the back yard for our dogs, Fish - you are doing it right!
    Favorite thing in this weather is snuggle with my husband ass our three dogs painting the room green.
  • I like to watch YouTube Also I love to cuddle with my puppies
  • TQOTD. I like taking my dog for walks in this weather. She is the epitome of joy, watching her jump through the drifts and snuffle and snort.
  • Arabella The Witch here! My favorite thing to do in this kind of weather is to sit indoors, watching the snowfall as I sip hot cocoa and paint. I love the look of snow, and love painting it. Just don't ask me to shovel. Lol
  • TQOTD: What would I rather be doing in this weather?? ANYTHING INSIDE The factory I work at is pretty open, so even inside is kinda cold, but that would still be better than being called to work outside periodically. Just let me stay indoors. Pleeeease😩 My only hope is that they let us out early. Even studying math, my least favorite subject, sounds fantastic if I can just do it indoors at home. I'm ok with a moderate, still cold....its the windchill that makes it below zero that I hate😖
  • Hi I am Lizzy and my favorite thing to do in this weather is to drink a lot of hot coco and watch a lot of movies And I like to snuggle in a big cozy blanket
  • Hey, it's Adison. My favorite thing to do in the snow is just about anything you can do in the snow. Snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating with the girlfriend, making snowmen, and snowball fights
  • On days like this, I like to stay home and work on puzzles with a hot cup of coffee
    in this weather I like to hang out with my kids at home since I have been plowing third shift for over a week and the kids are home with a school day. Dan
  • Balloon Animals!!!!!!
  • My favorite thing to do during this weather is to make love to my wife all day long. Unfortunately, she does not share the same thought
  • My favorite thing to do in this weather is cry and dream of moving to Florida in 5 years!! Please Hurry!!
  • What's my favorite thing to do in this weather? Survive. Or contemplate moving somewhere warmer. 😩
  • #TQOTD I like to snuggle up on the couch and watch 'when calls the heart'
  • Tqotd. My favorite thing to do in this weather is packing for our trip to Mexico in 5days!!!!
  • I like to crock pooty
  • My favorite thing to do is stay inside watch movies and act like it isn't really cold #hatemichigan if it wasn't for my 82-year-old mom I'd be somewhere GLORIOUS!!! swimming with baby sharks.... love you guys. Monica #applyingforclickof6
  • On days like this, I like to sit on the couch and watch it snow. And I shop online and put everything in the cart but don't buy anything. Well, I almost don't buy anything…
  • How has no one said they don't get to do fun things?! That all sounds nice but all I get to do is break up fights between my kids