Did you spill a tray of drinks on someone's lap? Accidently crash your company's car? No matter what the accident, we want to know how you screwed up at work.

What's your most EPIC work screw up?

  • I worked as a server/bartender at a more upscale restaurant. Thanksgiving came around and was told it’s mandatory for everyone to work. Long story short I said we were having thanksgiving out of town and I wouldn’t be able to make it (really I just wanted to Christmas shop without my 3 year old and she was with dad for the holiday) accidentally showed up for work on thanksgiving. Super embarrassing fail.
  • I've missed newspaper deadlines. Accidentally insulted the head of the company. Forgotten to order thousands of dollars of parts for a project... It's just a job. It was bad at the time but eh... I'm over it
  • I asked a lady to put her mask on and when she ignored me I yelled "Can you please acknowledge my existence?!". Spoiler: she didn't.
  • I was in charge for the night but had to tell a co-worker you have to return that customers items..they didn't have a receipt. After he walked away I informed him he was the owner of the million dollar company that employs us.
  • I had a $10,000 work laptop stolen from my car.
  • I dumped an entire Payroll 45 minutes before it was due...
  • While half my staff was quarantined for a possible covid exposure I was running the entire shop on my own I was so busy I called one if my well known clients by my own name
  • When I was 17 and working at a movie theater, I was suppose to spray the pretzels with water before baking them. I mistakenly sprayed them with a cleaning product. I didn’t know what to do so I still baked them.
  • Working hard to get ahead when u truly r just a number to the rich and powerful
  • Not ordering enough pizza to feed 100+ and having to panic order and pick up extra food from a different pizza place while people waited for me. MORTIFYING. Now I order a LOT extra and people just take it home. Much safer that way.
  • In 2001 I worked at a pet store. I was cleaning the fish tanks or plant tank (I can’t remember LoL ) I was helping a customer and forgot to turn the water and accidentally flooded the department!! Oops
  • Loading money on a AAA prepaid Visa card years ago and forgetting (while caught up chatting with the customer) to take the damn money they were loading enjoy the free 300.00 in spending
  • Being too available for my job and not myself.
  • Probation officer here... accidentally texted "I love you" to the court administrator who has the same first name as my boyfriend.
  • Very busy night and people lined up at the door were getting irate. I told the matriarch of a the local, very well known family restaurant chain that she couldn't come into the kitchen. Then she told me who she was. I crawled into my hole.
  • Ugh so many. There’s not enough room
  • Biggest work screw up. I don't have to be anonymous cause anyone who was there knows what I did. I work at Walmart and a few years ago I worked in sporting goods. The gun case is armed after a certain time of night until a certain time in the morning. My normal schedule had it so the case was never armed when I was there. For the thanksgiving sales I work past the certain time of night when the case is armed and completely forgot about it and someone wanted to see a gun. The alarms went off and it also sends an alert to central dispatch. Everyone in the store knew why I did. Mostly just embarrassed lol. Lisa
  • I work construction and on a demolition job hi knocked out a steel stud and I ended up swinging down and hitting hey sprinkler head to put out fires and we were in a giant warehouse and I ended up having to stay three hours late to get all of the water out of the warehouse
  • So my most epic screw up is 5 years ago when I was driving flatbed, I went to pick up a load of steel tubes and for whatever reason I tarped the load before anything else. So once I finished that I left, because that's what I always do after tarping a load. Drove that load 100 miles back to our facility. (Illinois to Indiana) So after disconnecting the trailer, went to write down what equipment was used on this load so the next driver knew what he had to drop off. An for the life of me I couldn't remember how many straps I had used to secure the load to the trailer. So I drive back over to the trailer only to find that I didn't strap the load down at all!! That was a 78,000 lb. load that could have caused a massive accident if it left the trailer. Luckily my bosses never found out!!
  • Biggest screw up at work: it happened when you guys, maybe just Connie, were in Milwaukee. I accidentally drove a news van into a lake. I can laugh now but it was extremely traumatizing.
  • My disaster was when I worked as a head teller on the east side of the state for a credit union. I would get in early at 7am, count the vault and the ATM before we opened up at 9 for the public. Everyday I would start the coffee pot and put my bagel in the toaster located in the kitchen then I would go unlock the vault and open the ATM, return to get my coffee and bagel so that I could eat while I counted. However, unknown to me was that WHOEVER used the toaster last jacked up the control to "well done". So......as I walked out of the vault room to to the kitchen for my bagel three things happened at once. #1 I see smoke everywhere #2 I smell burnt bagel #3 I hear fire engines. I immediately panicked because I KNEW it was my screw up. Luckily there was no fire, it was purely smoke. How they still had to get the smoke out which meant opening all the doors and taking down all the cubicles!!!! OMG I got in so much trouble and worse - my coworkers harassed me for years afterwards.......
  • TQOTD- My most epic work screwup would be when I got drunk while working at a drive thru. Best and worst night ever!!! Lol. My boss was the culprit
  • I dropped a breast reduction down a flight of stairs, formalin and all. Hazmat had to be called, the stair well had to be closed down for a whole day.
  • Back in HS, I was a hostess. I was taking a couple to their table, turned around to see if they were still with me. Turned back around, tripped over a bunch of chairs along the wall, skirt-over-head kind of trip. Literally dead. I avoided that section for the rest of the night.
  • I wore my headset to the bathroom during a conference call once. Definitely was not muted like I thought...
  • My most epic screwup at work was probably eight or so years ago. I worked for a mental health facility and was driving a handicap van with the really tall tops. I was pulling up to our facility to pick somebody up from the door and the covered roof walkway was a big slant and I was trying to park a little away from the door so the person could get in and I wasn't blocking anything while I pulled up under the slanted part of the roof, the top of the van hit the roof so hard that I tore the top of it off a little bit and it shook the building. I was completely mortified, to this day they now have a sign hanging they're saying to not drive under that part of the covered roof
  • I used to work night shift in a check cashing store with a secure entry. There were two locking doors and you would walk through the first one, the manager would lock that first door then let you through the second door. At night, I worked alone. I was putting the trash out for the cleaning company and managed to lock myself in the secure entry (we called it the "man trap"). I was stuck there for 3 hours until the day shift manager came in.
  • I worked as a server/bartender at a more upscale restaurant. Thanksgiving came around and was told it’s mandatory for everyone to work. Long story short I said we were having thanksgiving out of town and I wouldn’t be able to make it (really I just wanted to Christmas shop without my 3 year old and she was with dad for the holiday) accidentally showed up for work on thanksgiving. Super embarrassing fail.
  • The live truck cost 250,000 to replace. The tow truck to get it out was $10,000. They made a Super Bowl commercial about me that year. I didn’t get fired!
  • Epic screw up at work: years ago, I okay'd a bunch of checks at the bank I worked at and they ended up being fake. This cost the bank thousands of dollars!

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