Do you know what ASMR is? Like soft talking people on a mic doing something. Steve has forever found ASMR videos of people building legos to be satisfying. Such a weird answer to a question we got from Christineology on Tuesday

What is your odd satisfaction?

  • Freshly shaved legs, sliding into freshly laundered sheets…
  • Stacking and facing all the cans in my cupboards and pantry. When everyone is busy I always make my way to one of these places and rearrange things to my liking.
  • I rub my finger back and forth across paper for the smoothness all the time
  • Watching storm clouds roll in
  • We are doing a lot of painting in our house right now. It is super satisfying to peel the thin dried layer of paint out of the paint pan. My 11 yr old daughter did it. So then I had to try it.
  • Telling someone that younger than me that knows it all and I’ve been there done that!
  • My odd satisfaction is clean sheets after a shower
  • Cutting the grass! Love the lines!
  • Eating the ice in my drinks. Crushed ice is the best!
  • Walking barefoot in a freshly rototilled garden.
  • The feel of my legs on my sheets after I just shaved
  • A sparkling clean kitchen.
  • Rubbing my eyes when I’m tired. It feels so good.
  • A clean house and a yard that is freshly cut and has that immaculate look...
  • Pulling peeling skin off in sheets after a good sunburn.
  • Bubble wrap popping.
  • Popping zits
  • Itching the palms of my hands
  • Cleaning my house.
  • Skimming the pool
  • Paint pouring
  • Vacuuming and sweeping! Seeing that clean line!
  • The center crease in freshly washed sheets.
  • When the dog has been walked and he doesn’t keep barking at me to walk him!
  • Learning random trivia into my brain.
  • Like that it was only 66 years between the Wright Brothers first flight and NASA landing on the moon.That stuff fascinates the heck out of me
  • #drpimplepopper
  • Thunderstorms. The nastier the better. I love to drive in them.
  • Using q-tips after a shower
  • Sitting back, after telling someone they shouldn't do something, and watch them do the thing I said not to while they get messed up...
  • When I soften plain m and ms and squish them. hearing them squish in my ear

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