We are back again for another amazing secrets segment!  This time around we want to know a secret from a spring break past or present.  And since it pretty much is spring break now, if you don't have a secret, go do something crazy and tell us about it!

What's your spring break secret?

  • went to FL with girl friends. We all got sugar daddies while there. They drove us around, sent us flowers, paid for everything. We were in our 20’s. They were in their 50-60’s
  • back in the 80’s, you’d show up in Daytona and they would put you in rooms with other people. Strangers. Sometimes, everyone would end up hooking up with each other.
  • last year in Cancun, I took my top off on the beach at a crazy party. I’m Amish. Oops!
  • here’s my secret. I have a Mexican 3 month old baby. Shhhh...
  • spring break. Big group of friends went. I hooked up with my best friends boyfriend. Bad bad bad, I know
  • is it bad that I fitted my FAVE off last year on spring break? Been married 21 years. Went with girlfriends. I was the biggest flirt there. Is that wrong?
  • #Secrets I dropped acid the evening before I flew to Baja. It hadn't worn off completely by the next morning. Just FYI: LSD + planes= the most terrifying day of my life.
  • We drove to South Padre. Slept and partied on the beach. Some local girls invited us to make balloon animals on the back of their pick up truck, so we stood around drinking and keeping guard while we took turns getting into that .... truck!:)  #Secrets
  • Last year, 15 of my pledge brothers and I were arrested and stayed 26 hours in jail.
  • Sprinted through a glass door in a beach house, had to be stitched up in a back alley Mexican hospital #Secrets
  • I used my spring break to study, but I told everyone I was actually in Florida partying #secrets
  • I secretly kidnapped my roomate and took him on spring break with me.  He was passed out from a night at the bar and we put him in my car and drove to Florida.  He woke up around halfway there and freaked out because he had to work while we were on spring break.  He got fired, but he had a good time.  #NoRegrets
  • Took the kids on spring break to Florida with three other couples and their kids and we converted the three other couples and probably had more fun than the kids did
  • #secrets my secret this spring break is that today is my birthday ok it's no secret you can say my name fish #35 #hamburger #balloonanimalstonight
  • My spring break secret is that I resent my daughter being home for spring break because it makes making balloon animals by myself much more difficult.
  • Secrets... What's my spring break secret!?? Damn I don't have one! but it's not to late... Who wants to help me make a secret the next few days lol 😉😂Happy Hump Day!!!
  • Secret Spring break. My girlfriend and I met a local girl who took us both home. I'll leave it at that 👍
  • Spring break secret... This is my best friends secret...1997 Gulf Shores Alabama little hungover on Easter Sunday while attending mass at a Catholic Church my bestie entered a confessional and puked in a plastic plant with the hangover pukes. Spring break 1997!!!!!!!