STEVE!!! Good lord brother! How could you let your friend and 8 of her “smelly hippie friends” stay at your spot for a weekend. Apparently they didn’t shower and had floaties in the handle of booze they were passing around … WOW.

What’s your worst house guest story?

  • Omg i wish i could tell you the entire story bc Id win hands down but... It involves my 50 some year old father in law and his 19 year old gf....let's just say it didn't end well and the stay ended very abruptly.
  • Two of my fiancé's "friends" (and I use that term loosely) melted some chocolate and smeared it all over our bathroom and in our living room and on our white carpets while we were sleeping. By the time we had woke up, everything was stained with dried up chocolate. They even left that morning without even offering to help us clean the mess up. And to top it off, we were living in an apartment at the time, so we ended up losing our security deposit and had to pay extra when we moved out for them to replace the carpeting. I made sure they were NEVER invited over ever again
  • One of my in laws urinated on my living room floor while intoxicated
  • Had my husband best friend moved in with us. After a long canoe trip came home to to my husbands best friend past out drunk on my living room floor Nacked And my 8 year daughter asking what is wrong with him, seeing his penis. What a bad day. I told her that it must be a tumor or something. Lol
  • I once let a friend spend the night with me in my 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment. Plus 2 kids she was nannying. I needed a shower and couldn't even get that 15-20 minutes alone, because one of the kids HAD to pee RIGHT THIS SECOND. Worst idea ever, worst friend ever 😒
  • Worst house guest ever. My niece. She would demand to come over when I was at work all the time and just my roommate was there. He was also my ex. Pretty sure they were making balloon animals too. Came home one day to my toilet broken. I don't talk to either person now. My niece still owes me $400
  • My worst house guest would be my brother in law. He had too much to drink at a family gathering, so rather than let him drive home drunk we had him stay with us. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of him unzipping his pants…… I elbowed my hubby yelling your brother is pissing on our floor! In his drunken stupor he walked past the bathroom. 😡
  • I remember when I was young I had to give up my bed to a house guest and the next day there was a giant, full adult turd in my sheets.
  • One of my best friends' ex-husband faked getting his truck stolen out of my driveway at 5am to get out of work. Police report and the whole find it parked around the corner in an apartment complex later that day. Even the police asked if he was drunk
  • I let my cousin move in temporarily and she not only stole one of my credit cards and went on a spree but also stole almost $200 that my daughter had been saving for a fundraiser for Girl Scouts.
  • I know someone who had someone wipe their ass on her bath towel after a because they couldn't find toilet paper and didn't feel like asking...Didn't say a word and hung it back up.

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