After a week on the beach, taking in the lovely rays and playing in the waves, we are back from Punta Cana.  We definitely had a lot of moments where we just had to say 'Wow!'  From people doing crazy things, to fantastic sunsets, we want to know what your big 'Wow!' moment was on vacation.

What’s your “WOW” vacation moment?

  • TQOTD...WOW....they literally pour the liquor until you tell them to stop 😱 5 ounces of slushee to 6 ounces of tequila 🍹🍹😱😱😂 you don’t need my name I am sure 😁
  • My WOW moment on vacation was in Israel 6 years ago, when I asked a long lost girlfriend to marry me and she said yes. I met her in 1989/90 when I was in the military, so I had to go find her 23 years later and I did.
  • #TQOTD- My wow moment was when I went zip lining in Costa Rica. I have a huge fear of heights but it's something I'll never regret forcing myself to do.
    Swimming with the dolphins!!!! I cried!! Too many feelers to keep in! It was AMAZING! AWESOME!!! THE BEST!!! AND I LOVED SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN YEAH
  • My most "wow" vacation moment was definitely when my (now) husband proposed to me after hiking to a beautiful river in the mountains of Story, Wyoming. It was a fairytale! We both listen to you guys every morning on our commutes from Ionia to Alto and Lansing. Missed you last week!
  • My "wow" vacation moment was walking around Rome in the morning before the crowds were out. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I'd love to go back someday.
  • My wow moment on vacation was Ireland 2016. We climbed Mt Brandon and it was so beautiful and when we got to the top we ran into someone that went to FSU, what are the So we were told it would take like two hours to climb and come back down this took my sister & me 6
  • My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip to Punta Cana. The best part was the lobster dinner at sunset on the beach. Great vacation!
  • Vacation Wow moments...for myself snorkeling in the Bahamas. I hyperventilated because it was SO beautiful. My sister's, was in Acapulco when she arrived back at the hotel room to tell us the guy she woke up next to's first words out of his mouth in the morning were "show me your face"😱 😂
  • Mine is while I was on Maui we did "Road to Hanna" scary but gorgeous and so worth it!!
  • Txt Q of the Day: I went hiking in the Grand Canyon, North Rim, and while we were down there, there was a thunderstorm. Very humbling to hear thunder build momentum as it echoes throughout the canyon as you are being drenched!
  • Vacation: I have been to Florida once as an adult and after a couple of days I decided that I NEED to move there. Hasn't happened yet though. My last vacation I got pregnant with my ex from 3 years ago. Due in August.
  • #TQOTD My fav vacation moment was the fire breathing Dragon at Harry Potter world at Universal in Florida.
  • My wow vacation moment was when my husband surprised me and took me up through the UP when we went to Minnesota last year. He took me on a hobbit adventure to Kitch-iti-kipa spring. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life.
  • No proposal or anything, 😡😡 however, we went to Rome and it was the absolute most amazing experience of my life and I've had a child. 😳 We saw the Vatican the Sistine Chapel the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Rome balcony, and much more. We stayed in an amazing apartment in Trestreve which is about 10-15 minutes walking distance to everything.
  • I'd like to share a recollection from my trip to Israel a few years ago. I got to experience a trip to the Western Wall, or the Kotel (Koh-tell) as it is pronounced in Hebrew. Standing there praying to God was spiritually enriching and moving for me. A lot of people write notes to put in the cracks in the wall and they believe God will answer there prayers. I did just that and I was humbled and amazed by how many people took the time to put notes in the wall.
  • I was in Vegas last year playing Keno. Not winning😣I text my sister asked her for are late Mothers Keno numbers and I won on them 2x I walked out of the casino bawling! Mom was with me! 😇
  • My WOW moment was walking into Vatican City
  • Morning glad your back. My WOW moment while on vacation, was when my girlfriend's and I rode our motorcycle to Sturgis N.Dakota. we were out riding came around a curve and there right in front of us was Mt. Rushmore. It was so awesome
  • When I got off the plane in Hawaii!!!! Wow, beautiful!!!!
  • Best vacation ever was a week long at Silver Lake sand dunes, oldest got strep throat from the campground pool, my car died while we had someone watching him while we were gone, the Jeep broke the last day and the BEST EVER....our youngest was conceived in the tent the night my car died because I drank A LOT and the older kids were playing at the playground with friends.
  • #tqotd I got to play with tiger cubs in North Carolina at the TIGERS preserve. It was awesome.
  • ?day when I come up and my top went down! G/f.... I C boobers
  • Hey guys, welcome back…. Keep me anonymous please My best vacation moment happened when I was 16, I met this girl and it was an instant connection, like everything lined up in the universe type of connection. Anyway, we hung out the whole trip. It felt like I met the right person at the wrong time. Even though I'm in a relationship I still think of her from time to time and wonder what could have been.
  • Good morning, guys it's Pastry Chef Meghan! My wow vacation moment was on my trip to France 12 years ago, the whole trip was incredible but one part that has always stuck out was standing on the beach in Normandy. I'm a huge history buff and standing there I was so overcome with my emotions. It was such an indescribable feeling! Hoping to be able to go back this summer for the 75th anniversary of D-Day! (PS just wanted to let you two know, on the last night of the trip Steve called HIMSELF "Intern Steve" 😂)
  • My wow vacation moment happened in Cancun with my husband. We were enjoying the jacuzzi that was located on the balcony of our room. I didn't know the resort offered turn down service at bedtime. We were on the balcony in a compromising position when a resort worker walked into our room to complete the turndown service and caught us on the balcony "doing the balloon animals". I am quite sure we scared the resort worker for life with our "compromising position". E triple dubs.
  • My favorite Christian worship song is Reckless Love. I was in Haiti last week for a medical missions trip and we attended a local church. It was all in Creole but they decided to sing one song in English for the American visitors and it was Reckless Love! I was thousands of miles from home listening to some very talented Haitians rocking out my favorite song in English! Shelly
  • Wow moment Colorado up in mountains on a young adults retreat, could see the stars a milky way. My cousin also used the opportunity to propose to my best friend...I'll be a bridesmaid for the first time in just a couple weeks!
  • My wow vacation was when I went to Dessery Trip in California for the 3-day concert of. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Roger Waters. AMAZING!!!