Yesterday, we shared a Rando Texto where someone was worried that they'd get screwed over by their mother-in-law if the co-signed for their car. So, today we turned that concern into our text question of the day.

When did someone screw you over when you loaned them money?

  • Just back in October I loaned my best friend $1000.00. Every month when she is supposed to pay me back she cries about not having any money and she feels horrible. I of course tell her it's ok and I understand. Fast forward to December and I get the same story and I give her the same response that I understand and we will figure it out. Well, 2 weeks later I find out she just got a massive tattoo! Still haven't received any payment but I'm super happy she got her ink So thanks for stealing from my kids and I.
  • So I have two terrible stories of loaning money. One was kinda stolen and the other was just me being dumb. It was years ago and I was super young and newly divorced. I had started hanging around this guy and he asked to borrow $200, well me being dumb and thinking everyone in the world is honest, thought that was a great idea. Needless to say- the guy is a loser and he can keep the money. Now this leads into the second loser I met. So this guy seems amazing and says he’s going to school to be a pastor and blah blah blah. So in my prayers brain mind I’m thinking- this guy had to be legit! He’s going to school to be a pastor LMAO YEAH RIGHT! So we are hanging out I have him like $30 to borrow no biggie as I learned from the last time right? Wrong! This fool ends up stealing my pop cans, stole my sons piggy bank money (they weren’t home for any of this) and to make it worse he stole a car just to even hang out with me for the weekend. So if anyone ever wants to loan people money....just don’t. Have a great day guys! Ps. I’m married now so these stories make me laugh now. And no- I never loaned money to my current husband!
  • I loaned a good friend $400 to bail her baby daddy out of jail. She promised she would pay me back. Shortly after, she ghosted me. A year or so later, I was pretty desperate for money and I reached out to her. She said that she would give me $20 every Friday until it was paid off. I never got the money. I reached out a few months after that, and she pretended that she didn't know what I was talking about, even though the message directly above it was talking about how she was going to pay me. I don't have any proof that I loaned her money, so I can't take her to small claims or anything. Moral of the story: either don't loan friends money, or get it in writing.
  • I did it with a friend. We had a falling out and weren’t friends for like 2 years. We ended up fixing our issues. But I will never lend out money again.
  • At our old church there was a guy we met a couple weeks earlier. He was crying because he needed money for his house payment or he was going to lose his home. We didn't really have much money but we gave him the money for his payment. Then a week later it turned out he used that money to join a ponzi scheme and kept bugging us to invest too.
  • My husband and I were young and broke. A former student asked my husband to bail him out of jail. We let him live with us a week, too, but he never paid us back the $250 bail money. Oh well, we’re still poor (four kids teacher salary) but not as poor.
  • If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m going to do is give Fish $10,000 for the time that guy screwed him and Connie out of money.
  • My ex and I invested money into a "friend's" business as partners. That friemd then dissolved the business and kept our $7k. We only got one check for $200 from his wife with a letter saying they would pay us back......that was it.
  • In college I had a roommate that (I thought) I had vetted. She lied about everything, never paid rent, spent her meager paycheck the weekend she got it, then said she had no money for bills or rent. As I was about to take her to court, she moved to CA and started all over with her lies. I lost my apartment because of her. I hope she rots in hell.
  • Loaned a friend money to help get them a place and get settled when they had NOTHING and they promised to pay me back....never saw a dime when I really needed it back. Have since written it off and them off and havent talked since. Sometimes it's just not worth it but the lesson you learn is then priceless
  • A sublet room mate back in my college years asked me to cash a check for her so she could have money to go out to the bars. A week later that $50 check bounced. We never saw her after that.
  • Just a month ago! I paid a subcontractor to do some finishing work for me. He worked for 2 days and hasn't come back since.
  • A friend of mine, who is legally blind co-signed for a friend's car loan.. sadly, a few years later, that friend un expectedly passed away, and my friend was stuck with payments (payments more than car was worth) for the car he couldn't ever drive.
  • Back 19 years ago I leant a neighbor 1200 so she wouldn’t get evicted. She go evicted anyway and never paid me back.
  • Not a loan but use to pay my mom money for my student loan and she was using it to pay bills vs my loan
  • Tiffani what better opportunity to out the heathen who has been squatting and taken over the house you just bought for you and baby Scarlett?
  • every single time i loaned money so i stopped being a personal loan bank
  • Last year I loaned my ex brother in law money and he never paid me back. So I no longer loan money.
  • husband had used a CC that was in my name Before we were married and went over the limit....canceled that cc and made him pay it
  • Two years ago we loaned my son and this thing he calls his wife money for a down payment on an apt and stated when you get taxes back you pay us back....didn't happen especially since they lost the security deposit because of damage and non payment
  • husband had used a CC that was in my name Before we were married and went over the limit....canceled that cc and made him pay it
  • TQOTD: in high school a friend borrowed like $3. A moth later he still didn't pay me back. So every time I seen him I upped it .25cense a day. I'd yell across the school, "Paul you owe me $5.25, now" (fake name). It got up to about $20 he walked up to me one day, slapped $10 in my hand and said, "now shut up" .
  • A coworker that I was close with said she needed $7k for her son’s enrollment at OSU. The next week, she said she needed $3.5K for various “living expenses” (past due mortgage, son’s rent, insurance, and simply food). I lent her both amounts with the promise of paying me back 2 weeks later, she was expecting some kind of “settlement” then...never saw her again...