Alright, you rebels, tell us the last time you were rebellious and how you were a rebel.

When was the last time you were a rebel and what did you do?

  • TQOTD: I am a Rebel everyday I listen to Connie and Fish! I mean how about if 6 people are already listening...GASP!!! How do I handle the stress and danger I put myself through every day you may ask? Don't care😜 worth it 😂👏😂
  • This weekend, I didn't sit with a row between us and the family in front. We were directly behind them. Oops!
  • Wore my mask in a store where pretty much no one else was wearing one. I should explain that this occurred during the current pandemic. I did not go into stores wearing a mask back when life was normal. That would have been weird and possibly dangerous.
  • We are out in Oregon on vacation and I pumped my own gas. Apparently it’s illegal here to pump your own gas, and the attendant had to inform me
  • Probably telling a worker at an amusement park our kids were younger than they actually were to get the kid price.
  • Drove without my seatbelt for the 1 mile from the store to my house. Breaking the law
  • I spent over 20 years being a rebel and most of my stories would make most people faint
  • When I hung out on the Wash and raced my car ! 24 years ago
  • Yesterday when I walked the opposite direction of the arrow in the grocery store aisle
  • Today not taking all my antibiotics bcuz they were making my stomach messed up even when taken with food #4daysisenough #dontcare
  • During the stay at home order was going on I went out in public with No mask on ...gasp I know I should be ashamed and I went down the wrong way in the isle at the grocery store...ohhh such a bad girl...I love being bad lol 😆
  • Dyed my hair 18 months ago against company policy. Just a peek a boo strip but still. Such a rebel. 😂
  • 1983 ish when I snuck into a Ted Nugent concert at the Stadium Arena and got caught and got kicked out!!
  • Walked the opposite way of the arrow down the aisle at grocery store😂😂
  • When the curfew had just happened when the whole covid crap started, I stayed out past curfew drinking with a girlfriend at her house! Sang the song Breaking the law, breaking the law all the way home! Lol
  • Umm almost daily.... “Don’t tell me I can’t do something!” 😂
  • May 16 2020 During the stay-at-home order I got married.
  • TQOTD. I'm sure has happened since but I immediately thought of the time I flashed the front desk security cameras at a large call center for a cell phone company where I worked many years ago.
  • TQOTD: sorry guys, aside from a couple of decent pranks in the past, my two shoes are of the goodie brand and I can't think of anything.
  • When we were on "lockdown" I partied with our 20 something neighbors and we played beer pong flippy cup and burned a couch and a picnic table...all while living in the city about rebels
  • TQOTD-Saturday I par took in the devils lettuce... it has been at least 17 years since the last time I enjoyed it's euphoria😊

Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeders are THE BEST