This started when Christine was telling me a story about how her ex accused of her cheating when she wasn’t even doing it. This would lead to a breakup for them and I really nice “I told you so” in her mind. Nothing better than knowing you are right and the one you car about is wrong … hehehehe.

When was the last time your sig other was wrong and what was it about?

  • My hubby tells me all the time he loves my post pregnancy body and thinks I look gr8...I'm gonna have to go with a nope to that one
  • Put his breadstick in someone else’s sauce
  • My husband was wrong just today. After telling him that the carpet cleaner broke, he insisted that we "just bought it" like 5 years ago. We have lived in our house for 16 years and have had the carpet cleaner for about 14. But then again, he can't remember how long we've been together or remember his own age half the time.
  • Well if I called him out publicly on being wrong, then I'd be wrong. People in healthy, respectful relationships don't do that to each other.
  • Not great with what was spouse was wrong about seems generic...but I'm consistently wrong about song lyrics and go right to potty humor with the embarrass my kid
  • I don’t have a sig other so I’m always right!
  • She is a rigid scheduler for vacations, I suggest flexibility when we discover something to deep dive. I achieved implementing a scheduled “flex day” at each locale
  • my wife being wrong? Ha not a chance, she's never wrong.... so she tells herself!! but seriously she's right 99.9% of the time. She like The intern Steve!
  • I just asked him and he said that never happened.
  • A minute ago, everything
  • He didn’t bring enough carrots from the grocery store. I told him it wasn’t enough he said it was. What do you know it wasn’t enough for the recipe.
  • My husband was wrong about our wedding anniversary by a day
  • I'm sure today. Just give me time to think....hahaha jk
  • All the freaking time about pretty much anything really.
  • He is never wrong. Just ask him. He will tell you
  • She's never wrong... obviously... duh
  • Daily
  • Every time he speaks
  • She is never wrong and tells me so very frequently!!!
  • I'm cracking up...just yesterday my husband (of 34 years) made a big deal because I told him to put cheese on my burger because it was going to melt faster than his. I had cheddar and he had velveeta. He did as I asked and after a few minutes, lifted the lid of the grill and said, HA, you don't know your cheeses, yours melted were wrong. Whatever! Lol
  • Last time my SO was wrong was when he said I'd never leave... now he's not my SO ‍♀️
  • Just the other night at the Culver's we live by had Butter Pecan as their flavor of the Day ( which we BOTH LOVE) and when he went to get some they were out. And I said well they may have some tomorrow for pints he doubted me and we went and they had 2 left... He bought them and said I was right and he was wrong
  • We were watching a movie at home and I told her she was going to fall asleep. She insisted she wouldn’t. 15 minutes later she was passed out. Lol happens every time.
  • My wife said she didn't like Gingers or beards. She was wrong. She married me. A Ginger with a beard.
  • He’s wrong everyday about which direction the toilet paper should be

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