When you were a kid and your friends parents had the only pool in the neighborhood, you might as well thought they were Bill Gates. Now we want to know what you thought made people rich as a kid.

When you were a kid what made you think people were rich???

  • A family with two parents who owned their house and had a "normal" family. The family had a schedule and the kids played sports. Of course there were all the other families with the big expensive toys. But I thought that a family unit was richer than my because we didn't have that.
  • In ground pool, air conditioning, vacations other than to visit a family member.
  • A portable CD player, and if it was an anti-skip...
  • An indoor, in ground swimming pool in a building separate from the house. The son had a perm in grade school and the daughter wore colored contacts in middle school (early 90s).
  • If they had a phone ( before cell phones lol)...I think I was 6 before we got one
  • Anyone with in inground pool, pillars on the front of the house, vacations to other states mainly Disney.
  • Going on vacations out of state or being able to shop at abercrombie and pacsun
  • Swimming pool or going on vacation out of state.
  • In the ground swimming pool, a boat or a corvette.
  • Powered windows in the car
  • New clothes every school year. More than one pair of shoes.
  • Two story houses, pools, pool tables, Abercrombie wearers, champagne or wine drinkers, people who vacationed to exotic places... apparently I'm still not rich because the only one of those I now do is drink wine!
  • Is no one going to say Grey Poupon?? Because those commercials exude wealth
  • Ppl who went on vacation that wasn't camping
  • Phone in my bedroom. The dial kind and it was red. We also got brand new clothes for school every year plus new winter coats and boots. Mom stayed home, dad worked. Six kids
  • Kids that brought their own lunch, had a starter jacket, a two story house, New Kids On the Block sheets, or if they had a ping pong table
  • Pools, leather coats, going somewhere for spring break, name brand clothes, fancy car.
  • Growing up , my friends thought we were rich because we had an above ground pool and a trampoline
  • Digital anything. My friend’s mom had a digital speedometer and I thought that made them SO rich.
  • The kind of candy bars they gave out at Halloween. If they were full size, they were rich - if they were king sized, JACKPOT!!!!
  • Going on summer vacations every year
  • the area of town where they lived and the houses they lived in as well
  • The kids in school that had the big box of 64 Crayons!
  • A/C in their home.
  • If they lived up the hill on the west side
  • Wearing name brand clothes and shoes!
  • Cable. Especially if they had the Disney channel and MTV
  • Inground pools, took cruise vacations, the way they dressed (fancy clothes)
  • Had a dishwasher in the house, kids all had their own room, kids had a TV in their room.
  • Pools and camping..
  • Those who had super Nintendo
  • When people had a nice home and fancy dinner food.
  • Yep. Name brand clothes. Bigger houses than mine.
  • If they had dessert after dinner
  • The kids that wore Guess jeans.
  • For some reason leather car seats. It was fancy smelling.
  • A pool, trampoline, lots of toys, a big house
  • Going somewhere for spring break
  • Name brand foods!
  • They had Atari
  • Dedicated “children’s” landline telephone!
  • If they had a microwave!
  • Owned a house
  • An in the door ice/water
  • Them having a camper
  • They had Sega
  • I thought cans of pop in the fridge were such a big deal especially if they offered them to any guest that waltz in
  • Blinker lights on car mirrors! Was a serious life goal back in the day!
  • When they got to go some place, any place, for spring break
  • If they had a pool
  • They were rich if they had a big house and new cars and cable. Especially the cable!
  • I thought people were rich if they had a car phone. Remember those?! Blew my mind!
  • When kids paid for their lunch at school everyday
  • TQORD: When kids would get new cars for their 16th bday or when they graduated. I graduated in 1983. That didn't happen as often as it does now.
  • TQOTD mine is ridiculous. When families sat at the dinner table together. We just didn't do it often. My dad was raised in a very proper household and he didn't want that as an adult.
  • TQOTD: Always thought people were well off if their houses were well kept, and the interior is clean and neat with nice furniture, electronics, etc.
  • TQotD - I knew my friend was rich when we were in junior high in the late ‘80’s and she had her own phone line with her own super cool clear phone. She had her own phone number and we were 13!!!! But then the first time I went to her house even my 13 year old self figured out that her mom just made really poor decisions with her money...leopard print seat covers in her thunderbird, lots and lots of cigarettes, and way too many leather vests and accessories.
  • Thick, soft toilet paper
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