Just in case you're wondering, I OBVIOUSLY ate the cookie but it wasn't an instant decision.

When I came into work the other day I found a cookie sitting on my desk. It was the first thing I noticed and I got super excited. I asked my co-worker, whom I share an office with, and he said it was there when he got in that morning. The mystery (and struggle) began. Might I add I've never had such a dilemma over a cookie before so I had to document it all on my Snapchat.

The cookie was wrapped in saran wrap and looked amazing, especially because it was soft and chocolatey. Obviously, someone knows my love for chocolate chip cookies. But I still had no idea where it came from. Anyone I asked didn't know either. So I went about my day.

Over five hours later I still hadn't eaten the cookie. I was nervous. Would I die? Is it poisoned? And then I found out it was actually a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. The struggle just got even more intense. Finally, after my show, I went to Rob and told him about my cookie dilemma. Since he's always asking if things are going to kill him I figured he'd understand; and if I was going to die, he would die with me.

In the end we both tried the cookie and it was DELICIOUS! It's been over 24 hours and we're both still alive so thankfully it wasn't poisoned. As far as who left the cookie on my desk... that remains a mystery that may never be solved.

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