Let's get introspective with today's Text Question of the Day and describe ourselves only using 2 words.

Which two words best describe you, and why?

  • TQOTD: kinda and caring because I am always told that I am a kind and caring person.
  • Honest, Eater. I’ll tell my wife every time she makes something ‘it’s good but.....it could use some of this’
  • Too forgiving. I tend to be to nice and let people walk all over me. However, when I'm done. I'm done
  • Recently it’s Karen because no one wears a mask in my community, and I come home and complain about it to my family. The second word would be active because I’m always jogging, biking, walking, playing tennis, etc.
  • Freaking Awesome! I don't think I need an explanation.
  • Blessed Mom. Kids cleaned out my closet and organized it.
  • Kind and talk to much. I'm always trying to help people.I can get into a chat fest easily.
  • Sarcastic, funny, mean, kind. Lol
  • British Baker
  • Complicated & sarcastic
  • Aggressive advocate.
  • Sarcastic Nurse.
  • Whoops thereitis
  • Blunt, Funny
  • I would say I used to naive and needy. I was the girl who could be swept off her feet so naive is all I can think. Now I would say I am strong and determined with a big side of snarky, damn that’s three things. Lol! I think people change with age. I know the question was 2 words to describe yourself but it’s crazy how a person can change over time. I feel like that’s normal though.
  • I can use one word to describe me..... Hufflepuff ‍♀️ If you're a Harry Potter fan, that's all you need.
  • Text question: Loyal, Funny
  • Honest and dependable. I am always honest even to a fault. But I am dependable as well. If I say I will do something, I definitely do it.
  • TQOTD: "imaginative" for the creative side of me, and "Debonair" which was something I looked up to find a second word. It means gentle & courteous
  • Rule. Breaker. Because I don't follow the rules... Like I don't wash my hands after going pee. #Rebel
  • Generous and Loyal because I always put my family first and will help anyone out if they need it.
  • Disorganized but adventurous (and a little nutty at times, so I think disorganized fits.)
  • Chill and confident. I was about to write intelligent, but then I laughed to myself and said "Naah, that ain't true, you're as stupid as a zucchini"
  • Loud and motherly I grew up in a family of 6 brothers so I'm just a naturally loud person cuz of that and I also feel I need to take care of everyone and everything
  • TQOTD: Loyal and Laid-back...I've always been told I'm a chill laid-back person. And I find loyalty to be very very important. Once you have my loyalty you have it for the rest of my life UNLESS I'm seriously pushed. That's only happened a handful of times.
  • Loud and goofy. I'm always talking super loud when I talk and I can be very goofy
  • 1:Overbaconed. 2: Lonely. I've been working from home since March and I miss human contact. I suppliment it with bacon.
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