Hey family it’s Fish … super tired but very happy today. #Wrestlemania with the #WWE was on last night and it was excellent. From #AJStyles to #RondaRousey the feuds were great! So when we were talking about the #TQOTD I was wondering about your feuds ….

Who are you feuding with right now … and why?

  • My boss cause he is a balloon animal face
  • My boss. She doesn't like me and never has and nothing I do or say is good enough for her. Slightly annoying!
  • I am currently feuding with my landlord. After a year of trying to get him to bring stuff up to code and repair things i finally called the city on him after the city came i was given a notice to quit/repossess the property. Little does that slumlord know that i have a couple real estate lawyer in my family.
  • Right now I am feuding with my bowels because i really have to go poo but i don't want to go in a porta john..but that's the only bathroom available since i work in construction.
  • Im feuding with my husband because Im divorcing him but he still wants to make balloon animals on a regular basis
  • I'm feuding with my wife.... over having another baby. #wehave4 #theotherlesbian ps. They're 5, 3, and 18 month old twins.
  • I am feuding with my brother! He is a pilot and I am a nurse practitioner. However, he is also a fitness and Food/ Health buff. Is blatantly told me that He believes in a more holistic approach to medicine, while I believe this is helpful to some patients, some people need more than a special diet and special herbs to help them. Some people actually need medication. ( in the short he is a pilot and I am a nurse practitioner, I won't try to fly a plane and he should not tell me how to do my job.)
  • As a general rule I try not to feud with anyone. Takes too much energy and life's too short for that crap. However, I feel like I'm in a constant feud with my mother over religion. I'm an atheist and she can't get over it.
  • I'm currently feuding with my wife because of a feud she is having with her mom. She got into a big fight last night with her mom and told me to text her something really mean, so I did. But then later on in the night, she made up with her and now I have this crappy message I sent her and I have to apologize because she made me say something mean to her... I never wanted to send the message in the first place!!!! FML FMW
  • My Sister … she bought the same shoes that I did. I got them on sale and I know they are awesome. But they are MINE!
  • That S.O.B on the other side of the cubicle wall, keeps flinging paper balls over. I swear it’s not that Joyce person that that person texts your show about but for all I know it could be her husband. Screw you Bob Grosz
  • Currently feuding with a long time friend because I am infertile and desperate to start a family and she found it necessary to complain to me about how horrible her pregnancy was knowing I'd give anything to be in her shoes.
  • I'm feuding with my roommate from last year. We both applied for the same job, I got it, and ever since then she's been trying to one-up me in almost every aspect of life.
  • My co-worker...we have 9 days left in our work season and we are both up for top sales! She is a very competitive rookie in my industry but I don't even know what my sales are. She keeps saying she is going to beat me I guess we will see in
  • May when final numbers are in. (I'm not competitive and just laugh every morning when she tells me how close she is to me)
  • My husband. I have terrible anxiety and can't sleep in a house alone. He didn't come home until 2am last night even tho this week is one of the biggest weeks of my life. I'm exhausted.
  • I'm feuding with my fiances mother, she doesn't really like me and I don't understand why!
  • My daughter's father. He believe that because he pays child support, I am responsible to purchase 100% of necessary items for our daughter
  • I'm currently feuding with the baby in my belly! STOP MAKING ME SICK! #25WeeksToGo
  • My ex because he went and got himself arrested
  • I’m feuding with my mom and dad because I recently got engaged and I don’t know when to get married whether 2019 or 2020 because I’m still in college and have two more years to go and they won’t help me figure it out on top of that my dad‘s not doing well with the job right now so we don’t have much money in there just making me feel bad for it
  • I'm fielding with family, cause parents passed away dad years ago mom just recent. Dad is still sitting around he was cremated and mom was cremated as well and family members AKA siblings refuse,to help but yet act like they did everything for them. And find fault with me on how I'm handling the final remains. I say if you aren't paying you have nothing to say nor do you have to be there when put in the ground when that time comes. Screw you all
  • My two older sisters and my aunt, uncle and cousin because they are mad at my older brother and his wife for some parenting decisions they made. And i'm the only one who talks to my brother and his wife. Also because i called one of my sisters out on a photo she posted of her 2 year old daughter holding a real pistol and posing with it.
  • Always feuding with my mother because she is constantly overstepping her boundaries with my son and my dog
  • The U of M fan that lives in the apartment across the hall from me. I have an MSU floor mat and he has a U of M one and has not shut up since they made the finals last Monday
  • My Uncle. He texted me last night during Wrestlemania and told me the outcome of one of the matches. I was starting it late and he texted me the results of the Ronda Rousey match. I wish I could hit him with a steel chair or have a cage match with him right now. Jerk
  • You guys were just talking about how over half of Women say they are closer to their best friend then their husband. For the #TQOTD I am feuding with my wife’s best friend right now. She is way too nosey and gives terrible work, life and overall anything ADVICE. She can’t even keep a boyfriend let alone a dude for more then 2 nights. God I can’t stand her