For today's #secrets we are looking for you to remove someone from your family. So, think hard and kick that bouche out.

Who from your family would you kick out … why?

  • 1st time sending you a message. I had to reply to the secret question. Who would I kick out of my family? Without a doubt it would be my brother. He has stolen from my parents for decades. He even forged my dad's signature on a vehicle title. Sold the car, made money and never paid them. My dad passed several years ago and he tried to get his passwords to his accounts. Luckily, I shut him down. Hasn't been around for our 90 year old mom. So sad for my mom, but grateful he hasn't been there. I could write a book!
  • I kicked my son out twice. The last time was I told him to put his big boy pants on and go be a man. He was 29 wasn’t paying rent and wasn’t helping with the household bills. Nor was he helping with helping keep the place clean. He had to go.
  • My youngest brother. He has been given so many opportunities and screws them up. He is almost 40 and cannot keep a job.
  • My 2 year old. He's "terrible"
  • We're only allowed to pick one?
  • Myself..... I really need a break and I am a handful and they call too much and always try and set me up with different women that all of them know. I like being single and having random hookups … let it be
  • My sister. She's treated me like crap for 41 years. She doesn't deserve a family that supports her LGBTQ life when all we've done is support her
  • I would kick my cousin out because he is a sexual predator
  • My brother in law. Simply because he is just worthless and a POS.
  • My brother-in-law, because he's a child molester.
  • I would kick out one of my younger sisters. She's adopted (via foster care). She has a LOT of clinically diagnosed mental health issues. She's a bipolar schizophrenic with borderline personality disorder and she's a total narcissist. She's extremely manipulative and selfish and creates drama everywhere she goes and has torn my biological family apart. And of course, my mother in law. Because she's just....
  • I would kick out my brother in sister married the biggest dbag on the planet. He does nothing but bring her down, spends her money without working and doesnt take care of the 4 other children he has with other women
  • I would kick out my cousin Jackie because she is mean to everyone in the family.
  • I would kick all the meth and pill heads out and the criminals!!
  • Myself because my moms side is a messed up circus show
  • My brother. I'm raising 3 of his kids. He's a drug addicted, manipulative pos who keeps stealing from our parents. And EVERYTHING is everyone else's fault but his own. This is normal with drug addicts and there's so much more to the story but I wish, like bio-mom, he'd just go away. (She shows up like once a quarter. Hallelujah! And she's at least light and fun and keeps her STUFF to herself!
  • Yet I love the BUTT NUGGET and his kids are my world...I really just wish he'd get proper help
  • I would kick my son and his estranged wife out of the family Four yrs of crazy and stupid and now over a month of even more B.S. than I can take anymore.
  • I would want to kick out my step sister! My family is 10000% against drinking and driving. She totalled her car after a night out at the bar and still refuses to take the blame for it. She fled the seen and never got any legal trouble. GROW UP.
  • I have two, My husband's step mom. She came in family 5 years ago literally like 3 months after my husband's mom's death and has takin over like his mom never was here. She is a narcissist. The 2nd is my husband's younger brother he is creepy, I don't trust him and I would rather ghost him out of family. He likes to screw people over and turn people away from the family member that doesn't now to his every whim. There is more to it but I feel anybody who gets on his bad side he likes to ruin lives
  • I have a pretty great family and there isn't anyone I would kick out but if you would ask my family who they would kick out, I'm sure I'd be the winner. I'm the black sheep reclusive homosexual in the family. Also, I've done some things that were pretty embarrassing to my family that landed me in prison for 5 years. I'm pretty sure if they could replace me with someone cool like you Fish, they would do it in a second.
  • My mom. She is oppressive, racist, and believes laws should adhere to get religious beliefs
  • Recently wishing I could cut my MIL out because she felt she had the right to tell me I'm not a parent nor do I know how to parent because she didn't agree that we took away certain privileges of our oldest, after he was caught partaking in some inappropriate extracurricular activities! Talk about over stepping....grrr
  • I would like to kick out my mother in law, she is rude and doesn't have a filter...I think Steve and I have the same MIL!!!
  • My oldest brother. He got out of prison recently and I want absolutely nothing to do with him. Sounds harsh but he's done some messed up things
  • I would love to kick out my father. He wrote me a horrible letter about 10 years ago has never apologized for the things that he has said in that letter and I could never imagine saying those things to my child
  • Secrets. I'd kick out my mom in 1974, before she married my dad and before I was born. She's abusive, manipulative, and hate-filled. She has caused division and problems in an otherwise drama-free family. Fish you, Mom.
  • The StepSon Not only has he broken us up once for 7 years but we still argue or fight because of this grown man child every couple months because he never stops being a problem because he will always be an idiot that will never be able to take care of himself!!! HMMM TOO HARSH TOO BAD
  • That cousin who moved to LA to become a “rapper” and has done nothing but drugs, alcohol, and waste thousands of dollars from his parents. Its been 3 Years, either bring his ass home and straighten him out, or caught him off and let him suffer.
  • Ooooh I want to get rid of my oldest sister!!! She has racked up credit card debt...filed for bankruptcy...gotten fired from her job...married a guy two years older than her oldest mom bought her a car and none of us knows where the car is evicted from her mom had to drive from the UP to move her up to live with her...and my mom ended up with bed bugs after my sister moved in...grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  • I’m gonna kick out my mother-in-law, she is living with us while she looks for an apartment and she has the worst gas. The whole upstairs smells like a sewage treatment plant when we wake up each morning from her sleepy time farts.
  • I would kick out my daughter. Sure, she is only 1 in a half, but that kid threw up on me, peed on my hand while I was changing her, and did finger paints with her poopies in the crib. And that is all in one weekend!

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