Let's talk some crap about people in your past for today's Text Question of the Day. Let us know someone you definitely don't miss right now.

Who from your past do you NOT miss right now and why?

  • unfortunately my answer is my grandpa. i always tried giving him the benefit of the doubt because the trauma happened before i was born. but after he passed i realized how toxic and abusive he truly is/was. i noticed it gave closure to my dad and his sisters when he passed, but it’s still an airy feeling.
  • First best friend from middle school. Things happened that separated us and at the time I was heart broken because she was my other half, my person who I confided in about everything, but as time went on it was clear she was on a different mission then I was that I wasnt comfortable with.
  • Ex best friend. She told me I was going to hell because I didn’t believe what she believed. Broke off our 6 year friendship then and there. Tried to be friendly years later but I just couldn’t do it.
  • My daughter’s father. A narcissist who wouldn’t let me out of his sight for 6 years, so yes we were together 24/7 literally. After I finally escaped we had joint custody but yet he nickel and dimed me to death for any little thing. I taught my daughter to be independent and right out of high school she got married and joined the army. (Proud mama) that is when I blocked his number so I wouldn’t hear from his conniving mouth again.
  • People certainly piss me off, but I really don’t hold grudges so I cannot think of anyone. ‍♂️
  • Well... there is a lot of them
  • Several of my high school friends, my bio dad
  • My ex husband, he divorced me last September, met a girl and got her pregnant. He’s now a dad and I met someone way better than him!
  • My first boyfriend what a joke. I definitely avoided disaster. Thankfully my husband was my 2nd boyfriend
  • My Boss! He was a real ass wipe!
  • Ex-husband, his lies,him not actually wanting a family, couldn't admit his faults, manipulation.
  • Ex-Best friend of nearly 30 years...lies, and when I had proof of the lies she denied them and didn't bother to apologize and tried to make it my fault.
  • An ex friend of mine. The friendship was entirely to benefit him and eventually I had had enough. I told him I was done with our friendship and he tried to turn our mutual friends against me by twisting it to his benefit. Thankfully those friends already saw his patterns and took it with a grain of salt. His response was very telling as to why I decided not to stay friends with him.
  • A certain family member that is wicked toxic to my life. I carry major guilt for feeling this way at times, and other times I'm good with it. Kinda sucks.
  • Aunt Flo. That B is gone for good!
  • All of my exes...because they are exes for a reason!
  • just one person?
  • My mother
  • I could go with the obvious and say my ex but I'd have to go with the former friend who introduced us. We had history and the passage of time revealed it wasn't a healthy friendship.
  • I so do not miss my lazy no good ex husband. I can't even begin to imagine what being stuck at home with him would be like right now. The thought ills me
  • My in-laws. All of them. I avoid seeing them at all costs and haven’t in probably over 10 years. They are all just so oddball and incredibly boring. I guess you could say as a whole the family is dysfunctional. I could care less if I see them anytime soon. I feel blessed to have my family and it makes me feel really lucky.
  • Who from my past do I not miss? I would say my (now ex) best friend from high school. The relationship was very toxic. I wasn’t allowed to find other friends, because then I was neglecting our friendship, but then she would tell people I was obsessed with her. I didn’t realize how bad this was then, but I do now. She actually ended the friendship our senior year because I wasn’t supportive enough. Good thing to, because I went to college and met much more supportive people and now know how toxic the “friendship” was
  • My Father He passed away 4 years ago And with him passing racism has left our family.
  • OMG-Definitely my great aunt Harriet! She was a B! Here’s the backstory: She never married or had any kids, so she was used to always getting her own way. My grandma and grandpa had this big couch in their tiny apartment that was given to them by Aunt Harriet years ago. It never really was used much because they usually sat in their lazy boys. My mom, being the kind hearted person she was, gave this to a young mother that didn’t have a lot of money and was moving into a new apartment. Grandma and grandpa said that she could have it. Aunt Harriet found this out and she said “If that couch isn’t back in grandma and grandpa’s apartment by 3 o’clock tomorrow I’m gonna call the cops”. And she did! A day later she even called my mom and acted like nothing happened! My mom was still very upset by this. She didn’t want her to contact her anymore. She got a temporary restraining order against her. When they went to court, of course aunt Harriet brought her walker and played the old lady card and it was thrown out. The judge didn’t know what a mean spirited lady she was! This caused a big rift in our family with people taking sides. I had my mom’s back of course .
  • My childhood best friend. During my divorce to my 1st husband, she thought I needed to "relax" and slipped me a roofie. She left me alone and I was SO sick and had NO idea what had happened to me. This was 14 years ago. I still talk to her mom, but that was a low.
  • ? Of dah day..... girlfriend that loves fireball. Dam she'd make ya drink till the 5 th was gone