Happy Day Friends! It’s Fish about the #TQOTD. Yesterday Connie and my wife Alicia violated me. They cut off my hair while I was sleeping (video of it on our you tube page MIX 957 GR). By the end of the day Alicia was telling me that it had been hours and I needed to just “get over it”. Ironically, today is National Get Over it Day. Perfect time to ask the …

For #NationalGetOverItDay … Who in your life just needs to “Get Over It”?

  • I need to get over it. I spend too much energy getting stressed about small obstacles and conflicts in my life. Don't sweat the small stuff. I tell my students all the time, things that feel like a big deal at the time, are usually not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I need to listen to my own advice.
  • My Democratic Husband. Good LORD!!!
  • Teenagers need to get over their way of feeling they're entitled to everything. Can you tell I have teenagers? HAMBURGER!!!
  • My boss needs ro get over it. She is one of those people that can only have one friend and expects that friend only have her as a friend.
  • My co worker needs to get over the fact that TEN YEARS ago I got hired instead of her friend.
  • My step dad needs to get over that I got baby chicks
  • My mother in law would say I need to get over my hatred of my brother in laws crazy, literally, girlfriend Alex who no one wants around. The rest of my in laws and I don't let the Alex come to family events so we have them at my house ‍♀️we don't let people around who call my niece and I the C word. ……But I ( and my family) would say my mother in law needs to get over Alex and make her leave
  • Get over it day.... Mother nature stop dropping snow on Holland
  • My husband hated my mom because s she put me in foster care 35 years ago! Really? ?!#! he still holds it against me.
  • My ex needs to get over our divorce, since his choices got us where we are. #bye
  • My boyfriend needs to get over it already
  • fellow Ginger. My sister in law is a feminist she is constantly looking for things to be offended by get over it!
  • My boyfriend needs to get over the we're in college we aren't ready to be engaged. We have been together for 6 years I have moved for him, and I know he
  • The person who always texts in complaining about the incredible Joyce needs to get over it
  • My brother-in-law is a huge a******* to his wife my sister but he puts on a good show for everybody else has my grandmothers ring! GET OVER IT AND PROPOSE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Who should get over it? People who complain about the weather!! Unless you have a direct line to mother nature? STOP!! nothing you say is going to change it!!
  • Why is ‘Get over it day’ the day after ‘National Women’s Day’? hmmmmmmmmm
  • This is my last year at home before college, My parents need to get over that they're little girl is growing up.
  • Sammy Swinger- People need to get over thinking that swinging is cheating You enjoyed it so quit complaining about it
  • #text - Who should get over it? People who complain about the weather!! Unless you have a direct line to mother nature? STOP!! nothing you say is going to change it!!
  • National get over it day... I would like to tell my two sister-in-laws to get over hating my parents. They are by far two of the greatest people I know and I don't understand what their beef is with them.
  • My ex needs to get over that I dumped him and now I am happily married with two kids.
  • I think fish should get over the fact that a hotdog is not sandwich
  • My kid needs to get over telling me how to take care of my grandkids. I raised her and she is still alive so I know how to care for a child. Anonymou
  • Get over it. Guess its me that needs to get over it. My kids and I were living with my mom due to losing my job and my house. She unexpectedly died due to cancer. The executor of the estate which also happened to be my sister evicted my daughter and I from the house and made us homeless even though I was taking care of the house. I have not spoken to her in two years.
  • EVERYONE. Because everyone is way too sensitive
  • I will be 40 this year I have been a lesbian my whole life and have finally found the one I Want to be with for the rest of my life. We are getting married! And I know there are family members that don't approve it. I am extremely happy and they just need to get over it