Boo! Did that surprise you? No? OK, well then tell us how you got surprised this week.

Who really surprised you this week … whether it’s good or bad?

  • My husband and I are Polly so one of my partners surprised me with flowers at work in a mass that has some of my favorite characters on it
  • I was surprised that my mom was in a car accident three weeks ago, and just told me yesterday! it was bad enough to go to the doctor for her neck injury and cause 5k of damage to her new car
  • My oldest daughter (she's 16) was SO excited to go back to school, she said it absolutely sucks! They can't participate in band, can't sit with her group of 16 at lunch (they took up a whole table) no homecoming marching band, and no trip to NYC in spring.
  • My oldest son. He is 12 and started middle school this week. He has gotten up each morning on his own, taken his pill, gotten dressed, etc. Without any parent involvement. He has ADD and usually gets distracted by a million things just trying to get dressed. So proud of he is maturing and picking up his responsibilities
  • I drove to otsego to buy an item off of the marketplace and I was given a jar of flowers before I left. How awesome is that? Some people are just amazing people!! Made my day!
  • My preschooler rocked her first week at daycare with all new people, new faces new building. We met her preschool teacher today and she is going to have an awesome year! She did lots of growing up over stay at home orders. So proud!
  • My boss with a huge compliment and advice. She's the best!!
  • A bff just showed up for porch son left for the Marines a week ago...she had fun stories and stuff to share. Awesome unexpected evening!
  • My oldest...he started school again in person Monday and he came home genuinely me hope that he may actually enjoy school soon
  • Bf ... Surprise trip next week
  • Chadwick Boseman passed away
  • My hubby the really delivered
  • I work as a school bus driver and my bus kids surprised me with how awesome they were with wearing their masks.
  • Shout out to Newaygo Public Schools for rocking the COVID reopening!
  • I was out on a jog, and a woman came up to me with rage in her face and verbally abused me. First time ever. This election is making people CRAZY.
  • Coworker surprised me with a funny saying mask
  • My instructor, I had issues getting a paper in one time, personal crap made it very difficult for me to keep my focus. I turned the paper in a day late then was told it was and outline and now it was two days late. She allowed me to post it and then she gave 100& on it and said that it was a good paper. A low grade or fail on this paper put me at risk for not passing the class and delaying my completion, a lot. I was prepared to take a point deduction for being late and she didn't do that. So grateful to her.
  • An acquaintance who was supposed to have a trial run with a 5 month old kitten that i had found as a stray. They didn't even last a week. After assuring me that she knew how to introduce a cat to a new area, I was told that she did none of the things you'd expect from an experienced owner. When I suggested keeping her in a small room away from the rest of it, its less stressful. I guess that was brand new information. I would have thought she would have done research.
  • My daughter stopped by my work and brought me an orchid flower. She just it's just something to make you smile & I love you
  • My sister sent me flowers at work.
  • Ughh...well my 5 yr old surprised me this week by calling my husband..her dad the D word!! Lol he said something to her, and she goes your a dick. his response was wow, you sound like your mom! Oops! LOL!
  • The person who surprised me this week would be my dad. Just because we gotten a big argument and then out of the blue he apologized to be honest I really didn't even think about it like it wasn't that big of an argument anyway.. I mean you know it was kind of just one of those arguments that like neither one of you have to apologize for it was just not that big of a deal and then you really apologize then yeah.
  • My sister sent me these flowers because she has been shopping for a new car and gets totally stressed out. I empowered her to ask questions and talk to the salesman about the cars. I love her and helped her through the process because it was just too much for her. I love that woman!
  • So... back story on my shock! Back in mid June, I walked into my administrators office for a "curriculum meeting" so I thought to only receive a pink slip. Fast forward... As I've battled with this unemployment crap, I jumped on MiWAM to see if I've yet been awarded some minimal income for my lay off yet... to my astonishment... no dice (not really astonishing at all) so I did a little investigating and saw some paperwork associated to my account filed by my previous employer. Unsure what these "waivers" were I did some digging to find out that they planned on laying me off two days after March 13th. My case was filed on a Sunday via online from this so called Christian based school! Thanks for your honesty x 2 I mean... if I sucked that bad, be a realist and let me have it. Don't use one of our countries saddest moments as an easy way out. For the record, I've NEVER had a dis satisfactory evaluation nor even just an average one ‍♀️
  • I have never been good at math and now my daughter who is in 8th grade is following in my footsteps. And of course math is completely different now than it used to be so I don’t even know how to help my daughter. She is taking an extra math class online this year and she is finally getting it. She came up to me and told me she got a 90% on her math quiz. Best news I have gotten in a long time. #proudmom #mathsucks #hamburger
  • Jamie here. I was very surprised this week by my son. He and my daughter went to a private Catholic School their whole life and we switched them over to Rockford this year but they are still on Virtual School. My son has struggled his whole life with school but this year he's suddenly got it and is excelling! T14 and has ADHD and the struggle is really rough but this time he is doing amazing and I am so happy! I've never seen him so proud of himself.
  • My dad surprised me with a 79 Corvette stingray
  • TQOTD-I wasn't informed this week about something, but last week I was informed that my daughters boyfriend is proposing to her next Friday on her birthday!!!!!! She is going to cry and she is not a crier!!!! I am so happy for them!!!
  • Hey there! I have to say that I really surprised myself this week. I was away on a retreat and wanted to complete an activity and I walked across a log suspended 25 ft in the air. I did have a harness but it was absolutely terrifying. I’ve never done anything like this before I really didn’t think I would be able to complete it but I did and I felt like a bad-a!
  • My son surprised me, in a good way. He started school full-time and he was pretty stressed about it, but he's handled it like a trooper! I'm glad to, he's 14, and I'm a single dad, so we've been together pretty much 24/7 since this crazy Corona shit started!!
  • Tuesday morning i got a text message from my boyfriend telling me not to make plan Wednesday after work because he was going to be flying in from Connecticut and i need to pick him up. Best surprise ever ! Made my whole week !!
  • I was surprised by MYSELF lol. I did a boudoir shoot recently & got the pictures back & I was SHOOK by how good I looked in some of the pictures
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