It's been about 3 weeks since we've started doing our show from home and being cooped inside is starting to wear on us. Is it wearing on you too? Now is your chance to totally sell someone out you're living with for today's #TQOTD.

Who was super annoying yesterday?

  • Unprofessional teenager, sleeps through the whole day and never completes his tasks also is typically rude when doing anything other than looking at his phone. Should be fired immediately! 😂😂
  • The couple living there 🙄 they aren’t fighting, they do puzzles together, they watch tv together, painted a hallway together. Shop and sleep together. No alcohol, just water, listening to slow jazz as they puzzle, I mean who wouldn’t give this couple a great Yelp Review for being most boring quarantine couple ever!!! (Sorry couldn’t pick on only other person in house cause we have been getting along 😂🙄😳)
  • My kidds would say me … The kitchen is always messy, the table lookes like it wasn't washed from the last use, you have a dishwasher, try using it!! The food is mediocre at best and can someone pick up a broom from time to time... seriously.
  • Me, it's just me, I'm the worst.
  • My husband has been driving me nuuuuts! He's laid off and I'm not. I'm so used to having time by myself at home and now he's all up in my business. Gaaaahhhhh!
  • ? Of dah day..... A girl who sits next to me at work. when she's here at work , stares at her phone watching videos, ( she's been warned 2 times already for that)that's when & if , she comes in. she never shuts the hell up
  • Talk talk talk ..... talk talk talks ... HEY NO BODY LIKES YOU! NOW WORK! That's why your here... ok Iam done now, I feel lol better
  • TQOTD: my eldest (he is 17). The teenage attitude is enough to make the pope a raging alcoholic.
  • #TQOTD who annoyed me yesterday? My cats! I love them to death, but the longer I work from home, the more annoying they get. They are lucky they are so cute!
  • Sadly, I annoyed myself!!!! I was so stuck on stupid yesterday that I almost cussed my own self out!! Lol.
  • My daughter she is 4 and super constapated because shes stuck at home And she sqeezes her but cheeks because it hurts.
  • My husband, we bought a house is November and we can’t decide on anything. Uhh it’s been a hassle. We now have to flip a coin.
  • My dog is driving me nuts. He is not used to everyone being home with him and he had starting licking his front paws. Now he licks them so much the hair is starting to come off. We give him periods of alone time, but with 4 ppl in the house he's hard to avoid. ☹
  • I am an essential worker and I have a coworker who asks me things about my life and then follows it with “oh that’s right, I forgot that I don’t care” Like seriously, this chick is such a B!
  • Definitely the three year old. Because she's three and destructive and says No a lot.
  • Every single person that commented something political on Facebook yesterday.
  • I think me? Coz most of the time there doesn't seem to be a particularly annoying person in the room, and you know what they say about, "If you can't spot x/don't know which one is x, that means it's you."
  • My roomate, I let him smoke in the house on 4-20 because he offered to smoke with me so I said why not. But now he thinks that he can still smoke in it. Dude, we said it was only a 1 day thing. Take it outside!
  • My son, he never finishes his thoughts. He will just always trail off mid sentence like "hey mom how come you..." And then just walk away
  • My husband, I love him, oh believe me I do, but I've never met someone as annoying as him. He's been narrating everything he does because he thinks it's hilarious. It's not! It's super annoying!

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