Today on the show we asked listeners:

Why Are You Proud Of Yourself?

  • My priorities have definitely been realigned this past few months! This is Jamie by the way. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in February and then one month later in March diagnosed with breast cancer so I had to go through all of the treatment by myself because no one was allowed in the hospital with me. The best part is, I'm now cancer-free and feel amazing!
  • I got engaged in July 4th. He knows I'm bad at remembering special dates so he made sure I wouldn't forget the date.
  • Thankful for being laid off still, yes I want to go back and will when called. But, I got to spend my summer with my kids. My 13 yr old has had me as a working single mom for 10 years and to be able to have some time with her and my 9 month old has been a blessing.
  • Lots of quiet time. I didn't have to work every Saturday so got my rest. Downside of this is no overtime pay.
  • Camping , spending time with family.
  • Why am I proud of myself? Lemme tell ya: from 2013 - 2015 I was addicted to methamphetamine and struggling to keep my job and pay for gas to get to work........Fast forward to 2020, I am 5 years clean, I have an associates & bachelors degree, am working on a masters in accounting/CPA, have a great full time job in my field at wonderful company and a loving husband who saw me through every painful/difficult moment along the way. To everyone struggling with addiction, I want them to know there is hope . It is AMAZING what 5 years can bring, I wanted to bring some hope to the click of six by sharing some real stuff today. :)
  • Proud of myself for following instructions not to drink alcohol after donating blood job has lead me to basically drink daily
  • I'm proud that I've completely stopped drinking alcohol. Best decision I've ever made.
  • I finally grew a pair and used a power tool to sand my front door! Painting it yellow this weekend, along with staining my shutter and front porch!
  • I didn’t use any curse words today when yelling at the car in front of me with my windows up.
  • I live with a debilitating disease but I'm not letting it win
  • Because I am a boss and I turned one of my associates around to where he is now more successful than me. It is an awesome feeling to make a difference in someone’s life and they tell you it was because of you.
  • Raised two, beautiful, successful daughters, who coincidentally turned out to be great human beings!
  • My husband and I are about to celebrate 15 years married. Pretty proud of that in this day and age
  • Said "Eff this poor paying job" and got a real paying job. Also, paid off 90% of my debt.
  • I'm not as materialistic as I was when I was younger. Spending time together out experiencing things and making memories with my family is much more important than having a ton of stuff
  • I’m raising a tiny human and he’s happy and healthy! I never saw myself as a mom... but I’m pretty great at it!
  • I finally got my hunters safety certificate! So excited for squirrel season!
  • Raised 4 kids by myself. 3 of which are my grandkids.
  • I picked myself back up and moved on, single mom of 3 boys and killing it!
  • I was a foster mom by myself (well, with a village of family and friends)
  • My husband and I were smart enough with our spending and investments to be able to retire last year at the age of 58.
  • Lost weight during Covid and practiced self care.
  • Cuz I didn’t eat that whole piece of cheese cake like I wanted too! Tee at 2:00 in da morning.
  • Not completely losing my mind at work yet
  • I made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and chicken pot pies both from scratch this week!!
  • I have a list of things...Married 33yrs,quit smoking when smoking 3packs a day, out of credit card debt, and first in my family to pay off my house .
  • What makes me proud. Well, I listen to you Clowns every day
  • Alright y’all are great, but what makes me proud is that I’m just a guy who honest to himself, others, and doesn’t need approval of others. It’s made me happy overall in life.
  • I’m the words of Popeye. “I am what I am, and that that I am”
  • I am proud of myself because I decided to open my own business and I have successfully been open for over one year so far
  • I’m proud of myself for paying off all of my student loans 7 months after graduating! Went to a private college with no parent help #soproud
  • I'm proud of myself for working 70 hrs a week to provide for my family!!
  • I’m proud because I got a promotion during Covid! Ya!
  • I am proud of myself because I am going to Arizona BY MY SELF tomorrow for three days to a wellness retreat (I've NEVER done anything like this before!) After all the quarantine for months and home schooling - this momma needs a time out to recharge!
  • Here is what happened… as I was cooking dinner on the grill, with our food was almost done. I went out to retrieve the food off the grill and there was a loose board on the deck under the grill. I stepped on said loose board and u fell with my leg went through the deck and the grill, which thankfully the lid was shut, came flying over on top of me. So quick instincts I grab the grill lid to keep it from falling on me and to save the food. While that happened I had the tongues in my other hand and saved the propane tank, which was spitting our propane, from coming over on top of the grill and the whole thing igniting me, my deck and my family on fire. It was a very adrenaline filled night last night but I am just very thankful that nothing more happened.
  • Dying 17 times on Minecraft
  • I'm proud of myself because I raised two amazing sons. One is in his second year of law school at U of M and the other just started at Ferris in the electrical engineering program.
  • I am proud of myself for fighting and beating cancer TWICE!!!
  • For never giving up on myself no matter how hard my mental illness has to deal with
  • I came out of the closet
  • I'm proud of myself cause I have been staying on top of my FOUR 30 day challenges (abs, arms, butt & splits) I'm trying to get a little more fit for our October wedding & before we have kiddos
  • Alsoooo pretty proud of myself for how well I have been doing throughout the pandemic. I have health anxiety & have been really surprised at how grounded & calm I have been through all of this ❤️
  • At 39 I finally decided to come out. I’ve known since I was a young child. Now how do I meet the ladies during a pandemic lol
  • I became permanently disabled feb2018. I still remain bedbound all but about 6hours/day.
  • I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant June 2019. Working almost 70% of my business from my bed, I was able to become one of the top 80 consultants in all of the US.
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