The new year is upon us and it is time to reflect back to 2019.  Why did you suck last year?

Why did you suck in 2019?

  • Anxiety, stress, and depression got the better of me in 2019. With all that came weight gain making it worse. I tried to stay positive and keep my head above the water but I kept feeling like I was floundering and still feel like that. really trying to not be that way anymore but man it's frickin hard.
  • Was pregnant till June, then was completely sleep deprived with a newborn THEN got pregnant with TWINS!! I have been a hormonal crazy woman for a year!! And I’m not done yet! #ilovemykidsilovemykids PS- good thing my hubby likes me!
  • Took most of the year off work to stay on disability due to heart issues, got addicted to Pokemon Go and Connie and Fish during rehab/walking, that with the beginning of menopause should do it! Brimming with the flu the first week of 2020 and it's already way better ;)
  • Mom passed away unexpectedly and 30 days later a bad car accident and I wasn’t at fault...
  • Letting my anxiety get the better of me. Now with therapy and a lot of work, I control it much better. Here’s looking to a great 2020!!
  • Had a car accident and I was at fault... don’t get it back until 2-3-20
  • For the same reason, I was on the Naughty List: procrastination and laziness.
  • 2019 was the year I found Connie and Fish and their good buddy Steve! It didn't suck, #bestyearever!!
  • Lost my beautiful Pomeranian Kamryn..then got the shingles!
  • Mike, John, Larry, Paul, Terry with a y, Terri with an I... and his French cousin Beau. Oh wait- it’s why not who... well... same reason
  • Too many deaths in 2019 made for a very emotional year, 2020 has started out rough with another one but it has to get better, right?!?
  • I didn’t and maybe that’s why I didn’t have any dates! Lol, oops did I say that?
  • Gained a ton of weight due to depression. Totally sucks
  • Paid off a couple of Credit Cards, but then built one of the cards back up in the last couple months of the year
  • Unable to take a vacation which has left me exhausted to start 2020. I tried dating apps...need I say more? Haha
  • Didn't get where I wanted to
  • I sucked in 2019 because any guy I went on a date with or started talking to, I scared them away
  • I failed in 2019 by not leaving my husband sooner
  • Tinder - That's why I sucked at 2019
  • Ptsd, depression, and anxiety got the best of me. No thanks to my loser ex. Karma took its roll tho he is now spending the rest of his life in prison. Still, doesn't justify the crap he put my son and me thru tho. Learning more and more every day of things he did to my son while I was at work.
  • I SUCKED in 2019 by allowing others to walk all over me. I have always had an issue with figuratively not having a backbone, well new decade and I'm about to go SAVAGE on some people. #notholdingback
  • TQOTD... I tripped over my carpet and broke my foot... Them was off my workout routine for 5 months and now I feel like donkey Back at it though and going to be stronger than ever.. #abs4days #ladywithguns #workoutgoals
  • I made work more of a priority over family.
  • Why I sucked in 2019? Where do I start? I didn't save enough money to buy my own house. I spend too much on going out to eat and on crappy convenient store snacks. I also gained back 15 lbs of the 30 I had Iost in 2018. I'm with you Fish. #BigBoys4Life... Sad face.....
  • I sucked in 2019 because I let all the hard work I did in 2018 getting my nutrition right and exercising daily go down the drain and gained ALL the weight and then some back. Back to square one!
  • Question of the day, I stocked in 2019 because... I had set myself lofty goals athletically and failed miserably at all them
  • I completely sucked in 2019 because I started having a fling with a guy in a relationship. He has 2 small children and can't change his situation right now and that's OK. I'm all done raising kids and I like being single. However, we have been getting really close and started using the L-word recently. We hang out every chance we get and have a lot in common. Ugh... I still suck.
  • TQOTD: I sucked because I divorced a guy who's still head over heels over me. But he is Narcissistic. Also, I'm having balloon animals with a guy and told him I have no interest in a relationship.
  • why did I suck in 2019? Well Fish, because my husband asked me too.
  • My twins were born which were great but sucky part one got sick, then the hospital damaged his lung. Now he has very little large intestines and has to be on oxygen 24/7. I hope this next year brings better things for our little boy.
  • It sucked financially but it was a great year, have 2 bonus people who I added to my family
  • My weight. I told myself that I would lose weight but never did lol
  • Every year for the last 10 years has sucked. But I just keep on
  • Cut off half my ring finger on my left hand when an inversion table collapsed on me
  • I did not suck in 2019... I tried my hardest to make the best out of every situation. I was unhappy with the direction life was headed for my son and me, and I took control of the situation and made a change. I am very proud of myself for taking my control and moving forward. This is a completely new me from the depressed, anxiety-ridden person who suffered from severe PTSD just 3 years ago. I sought help, worked the program... hard! I kept getting back up every time I temporarily gave up, and 2019 was the best year of my life. 2020 is starting out even better with my mom, son, and I living happily south, and this year will not suck either!

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