A recent trip over to GasBuddy.com reveals an inequity in Grand Rapids. If you live on the west side of the Grand River, gas is generally running 10-20 cents cheaper per gallon.

For full disclosure, I live on the northeast side, where gas prices are $2.89 a gallon at the closest station.

As we prepare to head out for the holiday weekend, I noticed a scan of the greater Grand Rapids metro shows an interesting trend. Gas is currently running about 10 to 20 cents cheaper in the Walker area than everywhere else.

The cheap gas starts north on Alpine at 2.53/gallon and hangs cheap all the way to a 2.61 in Comstock Park and a 2.59 up near Perrin Brewing.

There are a couple exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, it seems west siders are getting a little break.

I've noticed weird trends like this before. Like, for instance, for the longest time Belding always ran 20 cents cheaper per gallon than anywhere else. That stopped and now the savings have shifted from North to West.

Is it because of price wars? If one gas station goes cheap in an area in an attempt to lure the population in, does every other station follow suit?

I know just enough about gas pricing to be dangerous, but I have heard that some gas stations are willing to take a hit on gas because the big money is made inside where snacks, sodas and groceries have a HUGE mark up and is where the real money is made.

Perhaps that is what is going down over in Walker, but at any rate, you can be the beneficiary, if you heed the advice of famed American writer Horace Greeley, who famously wrote, "Go West, young man."

Here's a map courtesy of GasBuddy.com that shows the average prices at gas stations throughout the metro Grand Rapids market. They will change quickly, so this guide will be worthless soon. Update at GasBuddy.com for current prices.



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