It's our last #secrets of the year, so we wanted to know all about what made you a naughty boy or girl this year.

Note there is no video for this week's #secrets because our interns are done for the semester, Christine wasn't at work today and Steve didn't want to do it because his eye was all swollen.  See below...

Steve's Swollen Eye

OK, gross, let's get to the secrets.

Why might you be on the naughty list this year?

  • #Secrets Oh boy, where do I start? I guess the biggest secret I have that santa may not approve (and my parents) is I haven't filed my taxes for 12 years. I mean I'm going to file them at some point but I just keep putting it off. I really don't want to go to federal prison so 2020 is the year I get it all taken care of.
  • I might be on the naughty list because of my son's stepmom....can't go into great detail but she is a RAGING "WITCH!!!!"
  • I might be on Santa's naughty list because every day at work I secretly eat my lunch at 11:30 quietly in my cubicle so that way at noon I can close my eyes or Play on my phone
  • I forgot to order my husband moonshine from sugarlands. Oops. 🎅🌲😓
  • The way I feel about my step kids mom...the words id like to exchange with her, the way id like to...well nevermind, you get the idea. 😆
  • I binged watch the rest of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel without my husband because he was too tired and went to bed. Snooze you lose. 😂😂😂
  • Constantly nagging a certain someone to find a job!
  • I like to spend ALL the money this time of year!! Hubby isn’t on the same to be him!! 😂
  • I love to gossip about how ridiculous our sister in-law is with my other sister in-law..she's really...really...annoying #naughtylist
  • I worry that talking myself up such as with a resume I'm afraid to make necessary changes to better my life
  • #Secrets I used my neighbour's wifi for a whole month.
  • I'm on the naughty list because I pour my milk in first, then cereal. #AnyoneElseDoThis
  • I'm extremely rude to my coworker .... I don't even acknowledge her although I sit right next to her
  • I'm on Santa's naughty list because of tinder
  • I broke 3 cars in a 5 day period
  • I said a curse word on my brothers Christian Minecraft server
  • I'm on the naughty list because I must have flipped off a thousand cars this year
  • I secretly wish my mother in-law would get hit by a semi. Or that my husband would disown her entirely!!
  • It's not a secret tho. She knows I hate her and so does my husband.
  • Secrets!!!! I was the “other” girl. Met a guy on a cruise back in March, my divorce was just about final and he said that he was just starting his divorce so obviously balloon animals happened, a lot of balloon animals! We stayed in touch after but he is not getting a divorce now, his wife found out that she is sick and he can’t leave her in that situation. We still talk and send “pictures “ and other things but not sure where it is going. Oh and he lives about 1600 miles away.
  • I frequently send naughty texts and pictures to my supervisor. I'm married but my spouse never makes balloon animals with me and I'm tired of feeling rejected. #naughtylist #idontknowifimevensorry
  • My secret is I am on Santa's naughty list because of tinder. Hey Santa I'll sit on that lap
  • Pre-marital balloon animals. So much pre-marital balloon animals. #SoNaughty
  • I am on Santa's naughty list because of my internet search history. #NaughtyMovies
  • Connie and Fish, I've had some naughty thoughts about the receptionist. So that means I'm probably on the naughty list. #Secrets
  • I accidentally sent a nude photo of myself to a group chat of friends. That should put me on the hot and naughty list, right?​
  • I've been sleeping with my fiancé's sister since Halloween. We're supposed to get married on New Years. #santaprobablyhatesme
  • I had balloon animals with my cousin. I couldn't help it, she is super hot and we are only second cousins. #FamilyTime