OK, people we all know that y'all can be jerks from time to time.  So, tell us about a time you were a jerk in the last month.

Why were you a super big jerk face in the last month?

  • Living without sunshine.
  • Almost 5 months preggo with twins...I’ve literally been losing my s*** Over the stupidest little things. I know I’m being ridiculous but I can’t help it! My poor hubby and older kids are ready to have me committed ‍♀️ #doubletrouble #4moremonths #momhaslostit
  • Probably my negative body language when I’m behind someone at Subway ordering a zillion subs with all the fixings while the place is understaffed.
  • It’s really just my personality... And my lack of sleep because I went from 7 years of 3rd shift to a new position on 2nd shift and my body doesn’t understand that yet...
  • I was messing up badly during a volleyball game, couldn't get the ball to cooperate!
  • I am everyday. It a life goal for me! Mostly just my personality
  • I'll be honest. Sometimes I get in those moods for no reason.‍♀️
  • Because I’m pregnant
  • Haha hormones..
  • #TQOTD I've been a major be-yotch this month because I've been working as much as I can with chronic pain to stock up my savings account since it was drained due to medical bills.
  • #TQOTD I'm a jerk face according to my son because I am refusing to buy him Vbucks. This is currency in the fortnite game. Mind you nothing they buy helps their character improve in the game. #worthless #stupid
  • Text message of the day jerkface. I'm very blunt with many answers honest to a point being older than a lot of my co-workers young and dumb are what they are. And I tell them straight out.
  • My husband decided to go shopping by himself to pick out a dress shirt for my company Christmas party.... He was very proud of his selection and when he showed it to me and I saw that it was Lavender (of all colors) I started laughing and making fun of the color because I honestly thought it was some kind of joke. I have never seen him wear light purple before, let alone pick it out himself...but he genuinely liked it and was upset at the fact that I was laughing at it. I felt kind of bad and apologized, he actually looked pretty hot in it after all.
  • ? Of da day.... i'm not a jerk, I wasn't a jerk ,did somebody say I was a jerk ?damn who said tell me
  • I have been a big jerk because I quit smoking and it’s HARD
  • I was driving home one day and a person in the car next to mine waved to me. I went to wave back and my hand instinctively flipped the other person off.
  • A few weeks ago, I was practically ready to tear apart my best friend's relationship just so I could make a move on his GF myself. I didn’t do it, but even just thinking about it made me feel like a jerk.
  • I made my daughters friend cry by making fun of her brother. I didn’t realize the thing I was joking about was true… #SadFace #ImAnAss
  • I made fun of my only real friends’ weight. I've promised myself to never do it again
  • Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces
  • I am a jerk face because I film ALL of my videos on my phone vertically...
  • I basically tried to tear my best friend's wedding apart with bouchey hatred and then realized during that i was being such a jerk because they actually truly love each other. And for whatever reason i just couldn't accept it.
  • TQOD: I've been a jerk recently because we are short staffed at the hospital and we are being forced to pick up extra shifts. Last two week pay period I worked 110 hours. These are all night shift hours too so I barely see my kids and husband.I am so exhausted yes the pay was nice but my sanity would be even better
  • My boss. Courtney, you suck.
  • I’m always a jerk face when I get my birth control shot. Got it about 2 weeks ago and it’s been a struggle to be patient lmao
  • I broke up with a girl by sending her a Snapchat of another girl in my bed. #JerkFace

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