First dates can always make a person nervous. You want to make the best first impression. Mix that with a poop story and you know you've got yourself a horror (and humorous) date story.

A woman from Toronto shared her story with the internet world, in a series of 18 tweets, and of course it's gone viral.

The woman was out on a first date, this past weekend, with a guy she recently met. Things were going so well that they ended up back at his place. At some point in the evening, she had to use the bathroom... specifically she had to go #2. She had no shame pooping in his bathroom because she's a "confident, calm, and self assured woman."

But uh-oh. Panic ensued as soon as the toilet wouldn't flush. She tried a few more times but it only made it worse. Knowing she'd been in the bathroom for too long she did what any "confident, calm, and self assured woman" would do. She grabbed a ton of toilet paper and picked up the one single poop and stuck it in her purse!!

She finally gets out of the bathroom and makes her way to the couch where they start making out. Her date then keeps telling her how "beautiful" and "amazing" she was while in the back of her mind all she can think about is that she has a PIECE OF POOP IN HER PURSE!

Eventually, after a few hours, her date used the bathroom where she heard the toilet flush. It must be working! So she went in there, after he came out, and disposed of the evidence. It worked! The toilet flushed! Poop is gone!

And he never found out!! Which I'm sure isn't the case anymore...

She does leave us with this piece of advice though...

...dont drink coffee before a date, its better to be sleepy than to have to hide poop in ur purse"

What is your horror date story?

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