WOOD TV8 and The Grand Rapids Art Museum are partnering to bring a live TV studio to downtown Grand Rapids.

Perhaps taking a page from NBC's Today Show, WOOD TV8 has announced a permanent downtown studio at the GRAM. The set up will be very reminiscent of Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The studio will be set up in the same location where WOOD TV8 broadcasts from ArtPrize.

WOOD TV8 has not yet announced what the studio will be used for specifically but they did make this statement: "GRAM WOOD TV Media Arts Center is tied to a comprehensive plan that will be announced in late April to expand local engagement across West Michigan."

It's my personal prediction that the studio will be used for the Eight West show to add to it's "Today Show" feel. It's just a guess, but we will find out what the actual plan is by the end of the month.

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