Would you rather Wednesdays are something Connie and I used to do all the time. It’s fun to dream. Especially about the impossible. I don’t know if you saw the movie on Netflix where Melissa McCarthy has super strength but that’s where the first part of this came from. BTW … it’s called THUNDER FORCE!

Would you rather be Super Strong or be able to change into animals?

  • I'm already strong so I'd Change into animals
  • Shape shifting would be sweet
  • Strong
  • Animals for sure
  • Animals all day. Seriously that would be the greatest superpower ever!
  • I have 2 parrots who I love dearly. Once you have birds...you realize how amazing they are. I have always wished that I could soar across the skies like they do...fly anywhere I would like. Experience the world from another avenue...from up above.
  • Animals! I could change into a super strong one if needed and wouldn’t be super strong when I don’t want to be.
  • Strong
  • I would change into an animal. Because sometimes I would love to be the fly on the wall.
  • Change into an animal!! How cool would that be!!
  • Definitely change into animals.
  • Animals, I would love to be a super lazy house cat lol.
  • Animal. I want to be a lion!
  • My 8 year old son says, SUPER STRONG
  • Change into animals
  • be able to change into animals cuz then when I need to I can change into a stronger animal.
  • Super strong animals!
  • Balloon Animals?
  • There were so many times that I wished I could have been a "fly on the wall" for conversations.
  • I would rather change into an animal. Depending on the animal you may get to travel the country like birds during migration.
  • Be able to change into animals! It has so many more abilities than just strength! If I wanna be strong I could be an ape. I could fly, breathe underwater, run really fast, etc…
  • Change into animals. 100%. I would love to just walk around as a duck lol
  • I would have to go with shape shifting. I am a substitute teacher and being able to change into an animal in front of a class could probably scare some naughty kids into behaving. Also change into a fly and I could hear so much about my students.
  • I'd rather be super strong. Animals get mistreated by humans and are part of the food chain for other animals. I want a better life than that.
  • I've seen twilight, werewolves are pretty strong.
  • I would rather transform into animals. I could fly, swim fast, run fast, be super strong, poop wherever I wanted and if I changed to a monkey - throw poop at whoever I wanted, and lastly I could change to a sloth to get the best and longest sleep. It’d be the shiznit.
  • Change into animals, cause most of them get to hibernate and I LOVE sleep
  • Well if I need strength I can pick a gorilla... if I need to pee and I’m in public a dog it is...avoid people with an acceptable attitude then a cat.... so I’m gonna choose animals
  • Super strong... cuz I aint about to eat anymore of Carole Baskins husbands...

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