Haven’t done a Would you Rather Wednesday in awhile. I found this on my personal Facebook memories and laughed out loud right away. Personally for me it’s legs for fingers but I really did spend too much time thinking about it. LOL

Would you rather have fingers for legs or legs for fingers? Why?

  • Fingers as legs.
  • I hate feet so I would rather walk around on nubs.
  • Neither WTH is wrong with this question lol. Your fingers don’t have muscles so I could go nowhere like that and legs on my hands. Uh that’s just a mess
  • Fingers for legs. Being short isn’t a bad thing.
  • Fingers for legs. Sick of being tall
  • I just laughed way too hard imagining this I guess fingers for legs lol
  • Nooooo.
  • Fingers for legs because you wouldn't be able to do anything with legs for fingers. I would be like a spider. Except with a few more finger legs
  • Can't answer this. Brain hurts thinking about it lol.
  • Fingers for legs.....DUHHH!!
  • Yall been hanging with Steve smoking up all his devil lettuce with a question like that
  • Fingers for legs. Train yourself and learn to be fully ambidextrous and imagine all the cool stuff you could do.
  • Legs for fingers. I'm short enough I can't go any shorter with Fingers for legs.lol
  • Well im already short so I guess id go with the legs for fingers
  • #StrangestQuestionEver
  • Let your fingers do the walking....
  • Fingers for legs, I hope I will be fast like a spider…
  • What da'fuq did I just read? And are you gonna share the drugs you took to come up with that question?
  • I'd rather have fingers for legs. Would I still get to have all 10? If so that would be awesome so I could move faster.
  • Fingers for legs but only if they're like two leg sized fingers in place of my legs not like my legs are gone and my torso is balancing on ten fingers like a crab person lol
  • Legs for fingers because I would have four legs and could run to work like a horse and not deal with this traffic!!!
  • I use my toes like fingers. How do I decide when I can do that?
  • So if I choose to have legs as fingers, does that mean my feet are the fingertips and I have to buy shoes for every single foot? If that's the case, HEEEECK. NO. Shoes are already expensive, imagine trying to find mini shoes for every single mini foot. I would definitely want fingers for legs. I also pose this question: if I have fingers as legs...... If I "kick" someone..... Does that mean I punched them if I have fingers as legs?
  • This question makes me uncomfortable
  • Lmao.... Good thing I like being short... have to go with fingers for legs
  • Also I would rather have fingers because you can do a lot more with fingers like the *Shocker. But for realz I use my toes to pick stuff up but would rather have fingers. Lol
  • Well, both of mine are long so I might as well already have legs for fingers. I have a naughty joke about it that I think Fish would appreciate.
  • I would rather have legs for fingers so I could kick my son's ass without getting up off the couch!
  • My boyfriend says “hey babe, can I leg you?”

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